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Sep.03,2014 DNP Launches Multi-Media Support System
Aug.27,2014 DNP and DNP Media Create to Launch Digital Picture Book Introduction Support Service
Aug.15,2014 DNP Launches Consulting Service Targeting Retail Electricity Business
Aug.05,2014 DNP Launches Low Cost Digital Signage for Outdoor Uses
Aug.04,2014 DNP Adds Product Recommendation Proposal Function to Existing Household Account Application
Jul.25,2014 DNP and Nihon Unisys Collaborate on CLO Service for the Customer Transfer of Cardholders to Retail Stores
Jul.18,2014 DNP Launches Plant-Derived Aluminum Vapor Deposition Film
Jul.07,2014 DNP Develops Printed Materials Inspection System Boosts Efficiency through Image Matching
Jul.04,2014 DNP Bundles Seven Interactive Viewing Systems in Low Cost Format Targeting Exhibition Spaces and Showrooms
Jul.03,2014 DNP Develops Online Proofing Support System Using 4K Tablet Terminal
Jul.02,2014 DNP Launches Sales Promotion Support Service Using Touch Panel Display and Card
Jul.01,2014 DNP and Hospital Net Develop Cashless Payment System Targeting Hospitals
Jun.30,2014 DNP Launches Operational Marketing Tests for Reissued Books in Small-lot On Demand Format at Bookstores
Jun.24,2014 DNP, V-cube and Pioneer VC Enter into Operational Alliance
Jun.23,2014 DNP Launches Digital Signage-Based Advertising Business in Taiwan
Jun.06,2014 DNP and Nihon Unisys Propose an Augmented Creative Work Style of the Future to be applied in Japan
May 28,2014 DNP Develops Security Program to Reduce 3D Printer Based Problems
May 23,2014 DNP Forms Business and Capital Tie-Up with MK Smart, Vietnam's Leading Card Manufacturer
May 15,2014 Launch of "Kyoto Cultural Heritage Archive Project"
May 13,2014 Reorganization of Nationwide Sales and Production Structure through Company Split, Etc. (PDF 124KB) PDF

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