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Dec.24,2015 DNP Establishes BPO Centers in Tokyo and Sendai, Brings Domestic Total to Five
Dec.10,2015 DNP Develops New Lighting Film Capable of Attaching to Existing Windows
Dec.09,2015 DNP Develops Aseptic Filling System for PET Bottles
Dec.07,2015 Dai Nippon Printing Develops Transfer-Foil-type Lippmann Hologram for Plastic Cards
Dec.01,2015 DNP Launches Display System for 100 Inch Ultra-Short Focus Projector
Nov.25,2015 DNP Develops Digital Menu Board
Nov.12,2015 DNP Expands O2O Cloud Platform Functions
Nov.10,2015 DNP Included on CDP A List for Second Consecutive Year
Oct.26,2015 DNP Develops Innovative Internet VPN for IoT and IoE Operators
Oct.22,2015 DNP Develops New Film for use with In-Vehicle Displays
Oct.15,2015 DNP Receives a Grand Mecenat Award at the Japan Mécénat Awards 2015
Oct.15,2015 DNP and Gemalto Enter into Operational Tie-Up
Oct.14,2015 DNP Develops New Packaging Materials for Use with Microwave Ovens
Oct.14,2015 DNP Joins FIDO Alliance
Oct.13,2015 DNP Develops BPO Service to Support Companies Introducing Social Security and Tax Number System
Oct.09,2015 DNP and Laurel Bank Machines Provide Remote Equipment Maintenance Service
Oct.05,2015 DNP Develops Film for use with Laminated Glass That Brightens Rooms
Sep.30,2015 DNP Develops AR Technology-Driven Translation Display System
Sep.25,2015 DNP Digitalcom and Iwate Prefectural University Jointly Develop SDK with Indoor Positioning Function
Sep.18,2015 DNP Selected as Component Member of DJSI SRI Index for 11th Consecutive Year

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