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Feb.27,2015 DNP Media Create, ZEN-NOH Fresh Produce Launch New Advertising Service Using Fruit and Vegetable Packaging as a Media
Feb.26,2015 DNP Launches O2O Sales Promotion Application Configuration and Operation Service in a Simplified Plan
Feb.25,2015 DNP Commences Original Tablet Terminal-Based Web Conference Format Multilingual Information Service
Feb.24,2015 DNP, DMC Develop Shopping Support Application
Feb.23,2015 DNP Commences Multilingual Data Service Using Original Tablet Terminal
Feb.20,2015 DNP Commences Distribution of iPad Application for DNP Digital Newspaper Sales Service
Feb.19,2015 DNP to Commence Mass-Production of Nanoimprint Lithography Templates for Semiconductors
Feb.17,2015 DNP Launches New Information Distribution Service
Feb.16,2015 DNP to Digitalize Books using World Beating High Speed Book Scanner
Feb.13,2015 DNP Launches Eye Tracking and POS-Data Real Store Marketing Service
Feb.05,2015 DNP Develops Tablet Terminal-Based Digital Classroom-Test System Cooperation from Microsoft Japan
Feb.04,2015 DNP Launches Projection Mapping (Packaged Version)
Feb.03,2015 DNP Develops Reflective, Moisture Preserving Agri Film
Feb.02,2015 DNP and Green House Develop Sale Promotion Tool
Jan.28,2015 DNP and Nihon Unisys to Offer Global Brand Prepaid Cards
Jan.22,2015 DNP Initiates Dedicated Production Line for Mass Production of High-Performance Electrode Film used in Capacitive Touch Panels
Jan.14,2015 DNP and Kii Offer Device Backend by Kii
Jan.13,2015 DNP Imagingcomm America Acquires Foto Fantasy
Jan.07,2015 DNP Commences Test-Marketing Support Service for China-Based Companies

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