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Dec.14,2016 DNP's New Hologram Enables Authentication via Letters and Pictures Visible When Exposed to LED Light
Dec.13,2016 DNP Introduces Multi E-Beam Mask Writer to Strengthen Next-generation Semiconductor Photomask Production System by Significant Reduction of Writing Time
Nov.04,2016 DNP Takes over 3M Japan Security System Business Targeting Libraries
Nov.02,2016 DNP, Nihon Unisys and Voyager to License Cloud-Based E-Library Service that Includes Text-to-Speech Function to Japan Digital Library Service
Oct.31,2016 DNP Becomes a Tokyo 2020 Official Partner
Oct.31,2016 DNP and TRC in Capital Alliance with Japan Digital Library Service
Oct.26,2016 DNP, Atmark and NXP Jointly Develop Secure Boot Function in Integration Package Targeting IoT Service Operators and IoT Device Makers
Oct.25,2016 DNP Develops Crack Detection System of Deteriorating Concrete Structures Including Tunnels
Oct.24,2016 DNP Develops Dedicated Positioning Information Service-Linked IoT Platform
Oct.20,2016 DNP Commences Provision of Virtual Private Network to Create a Secure Communications Environment for Use with Network Cameras
Oct.12,2016 DNP Launches Service that Monitors Operating Status of Surveillance Cameras and Notifies Occurrence of Failure
Oct.06,2016 DNP Commences Oral Health Test Service for Home-Based Periodontal Check
Oct.04,2016 DNP to Expand Cyber Attack Countermeasure Exercise Lineup
Oct.03,2016 DNP Enhances 3D Virtual Store Display Service for Marketing Survey
Sep.30,2016 DNP Establishes DNP Communication Design
Sep.30,2016 DNP Acquires Eco Mark for Plant-Derived Packaging Materials
Sep.29,2016 DNP Develops "Certified Nylon Film Packaging Materials"
Sep.28,2016 DNP, University of Tokyo Press, Maruzen-Yushodo in Full Scale Launch of Original University Teaching Materials Production Support Service
Sep.16,2016 DNP Creates Resource Recycling System for the Reproduction of Paper Emitted in the Product Manufacture Cycle
Sep.16,2016 DNP to Launch DP-DS820, a Dye Sublimation Digital Photo Printer and Two New Print Media Grades

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