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Mar.31,2016 DNP Uses Unique CVD Technology to Develop Transparent Film with High-Barrier Features for Industrial Uses
Mar.29,2016 DNP and OUJ in Cooperation with Microsoft Japan Commence Empirical Research into Digital Test Learning Management System
Mar.29,2016 DNP Draws up Action Plan to Promote Women in the Workplace
Mar.23,2016 An Art Viewing Multimedia System Developed in Collaboration with Ateneum Art Museum/ Finnish National Gallery and Now Operational at the Museum
Mar.17,2016 DNP Installs Package Print-On-Demand System at Tokyo Tower
Mar.16,2016 DNP to Launch Energy-Saving Digital Signage Incorporating Renewable Energy
Mar.15,2016 DNP and Keio Research Institute at SFC Jointly Research Distance Learning System with function Allowing Teachers to Conduct Personal Instruction
Mar.14,2016 DNP Warabi Plant Awarded AAAis Security Rating for Sixth Consecutive Year
Mar.10,2016 DNP Launches Virtual Reality Video Production Service
Mar.09,2016 Nihon Unisys and DNP to Offer Global Brand Direct Debit Payment Service
Mar.08,2016 DNP Adds Prepaid Card Functions to o2o Support Application Service
Mar.08,2016 DNP and E Ink Announce Partnership to Deploy E Ink Products in Retail Promotion Displays and Smartcards
Mar.07,2016 DNP Develops Information Management Platform to Support Strategic Sales Promotion Plans for Omni-Channel Sales Techniques
Mar.07,2016 DNP and FLN Launch Community Currency and Loyalty Point Support Service
Mar.04,2016 DNP Develops Tablet Terminal-Driven Duty Free Goods Sales Support System
Mar.02,2016 DNP and Wahyu Kartumasindo International Establish Smart Card Personalization Joint Venture "PT. Wahyu DNP Bureau"
Feb.22,2016 DNP to Launch Service Combining Security Check Service AuditMyApps and Anti-Cracking Software for Smartphone Applications
Feb.18,2016 DNP and Bibliothèque nationale de France Present the Exhibition "Globes in Motion" from February 19 to September 4, 2016
Feb.16,2016 DNP Aims to Boost Name Recognition of Japanese Goods for Inbound Chinese Visitors with New Service
Feb.15,2016 DNP Develops Inbound QR Code System

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