Main Items for Procurement

  • Printing Paper for magazines, books, catalogs, leaflets, and etc (general machine-made paper, paperboard, business communication paper, other specialty papers)
  • Synthetic resin products (packaging film, resins for packaging/molding, etc.)
  • Aluminum foil/copper foil
  • Metal materials (AK steel plate, Fe-36Ni alloy plate, stainless steel, CCL, copper alloy, etc.)
  • Glass (used in liquid crystal panels, PDP, mask blanks, etc.)
  • Printing inks/solvents
  • Materials used in plate-making, printing plates (PS plates, printing plate films, developing fluid, etc.)
  • Materials used in bookbinding, packaging (PP bands, hot-melt, wire, etc.)
  • Various chemicals (liquid caustic soda, various reagents used in research, etc.)
  • Office supplies, office automation equipment, fixture and fittings
  • Printing presses, bookbinding machines, coating machines, semiconductor manufacturing equipment, various inspection machines, etc.

For anyone hoping to start doing business with DNP for the first time with the products mentioned above, or anyone who wishes to offer information regarding newly-developed products or environmentally-oriented products, please read the policy statement provided below regarding the handling of personal information by this website. After accepting the terms of the policy, please use the Contact Form provided below to contact us. DNP shall then make a decision about the information you provided. Please be aware that we may not always be able to notify you of the results of our decision regarding the information.

  • * About information provided on the Contact Form
    With the exception of personal information, the information provided to DNP on the Contact Form may be given to third parties when necessary to the conduct of business activities. Therefore, please limit the information you provide to information that does not violate confidentiality regarding your business operations, technology, and management activities. Also avoid providing information that infringes the intellectual property rights of other companies.

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