Information Processing

With the digitization of printing, DNP has been developing a wide range of original information processing technologies including image processing, language processing, information security and networking technologies. We are also pursuing research and development in fields like computer vision, regenerative medicine, and artificial intelligence.

Image Processing and Recognition Technologies


Image processing and recognition technologies apply appropriate information processing techniques to still or moving images in order to extract useful information. They enable information media to perform sophisticated information processing tasks that only humans were able to accomplish in the past. Sometimes these technologies even make it possible to see information that humans cannot recognize without help. Since DNP began digitizing the text and image data that we handle in our printing businesses, we began research and development in fields such as color reproduction, in which we have continued to develop related technologies. We are now developing applications in a wide range of fields including security, energy conservation, education, medical care, and entertainment. We are working at a variety of levels from developing our own algorithms to developing architecture.

Motion Detection

Stationary object detection


Real-time image analysis system

We developed a system for perceiving the danger of a potential accident or disaster by analyzing images from surveillance cameras in real time and quickly discovering anomalies. As an example, the system can help prevent people from being accidentally trapped in automated parking lots by detecting the presence of someone still inside at closing time. To supplement the use of motion detectors, DNP has developed a new technology that we call “stationary object detection,” for perceiving a person who has fallen. In order to capture the movement of people and objects, DNP’s original algorithm makes distinctions according to changes in lighting, shadows and reflections, and initiates follow-up processing based on information about colors and shapes. Parameters for this processing can be set according to the requirements of each environment. One important feature of this system is the ability to configure it very specifically in order to derive the most useful analysis.


Information Security Technologies


DNP has three core types of technologies related to this area: smart card OS and application development technologies; smart card issuing technologies; and network server system development and operation technologies. In addition to manufacturing and issuing smart cards, we can develop a variety of products and services such as IC software and peripheral smart card-based systems by refining these three types of technologies.


Smart cards

A smart card contains a microchip with non-volatile memory capable of storing a large amount of data, and a CPU. Smart cards may be contact-type cards, contactless, or dual interface cards that combine contact-type and contactless functions. DNP maintains one of the leading shares of the Japanese smart card market, supplying every type of card—from credit cards, cash cards and transportation cards to electronic money cards—used by a variety of business types and business formats.