In the process of making masters (plate making) for printing, DNP has cultivated highly precise processing technologies. By applying those technologies to electronics, we have created a large number of micro-processed products including semiconductor photomasks and color filters for liquid crystal displays. We continue to explore the limits of the microscopic world through our cutting-edge technologies.



Photolithography is a technology for forming patterns by shining light on the surface of a substrate coated with photosensitive material. The pattern forms because some areas are exposed and some are not. DNP has honed its photolithography technologies through the production of masters used for printing. We apply these technologies to the manufacture of products like photomasks and color filters.



A photomask is a master used for forming semiconductor circuits. In order to make cutting-edge semiconductors, we need to use various special techniques in order to make photomasks that can produce circuits whose lines have the necessary resolution of 14nm* to 28nm. DNP contributes to the miniaturization of semiconductor product line widths by providing photomasks that control not only the intensity but also the phase and polarity of the light that passes through them.

* nm (nanometer): one billionth of a meter


Color filters

Close-up photograph of a color filter

Color filters

We have developed high quality color filters—an important component of liquid crystal displays—by developing new coloring materials and using pigment miniaturization and dispersion techniques along with photolithography technologies for patterning of colored layers. In response to the trend toward multi-colored layers, we have also developed multicolor filters with expanded color reproduction ranges of four or five colors.




Nanoimprinting is a method that enables the transfer of patterns with line width of 20nm or less by pressing a template against a resin-coated substrate. The development of nanoimprinting makes use of knowledge and skills from a wide range of fields, including clarification of the mechanisms by which polymers react when exposed to light or to an electron beam, a good grasp of a material’s behavior at its interface, and simulation technologies in addition to microfabrication and precision measuring techniques. Based on the technologies we have cultivated through our photomask business, we have been pursuing development in collaboration with materials and equipment manufacturers.


Development of various products

Nanoimprinting is being studied for its potential use in fields like next-generation semiconductor lithography, ultrahigh density HDD media manufacturing, and optical elements. Quartz or silicon is generally used for making master templates (dies), and dry etching is used for forming a concavo-convex shape on the template surface. DNP has developed a replica template by using nanoimprinting lithography and a master template made with electron beam lithography. We plan to supply this next-generation technology to a wide variety of corporate clients.