Audit the security of your mobile apps automatically

TEST THE SECURITY LEVEL OF YOUR APPS is a service intended for companies developing mobile applications for their customers and/or their employees. It provides an App security check at the end of the development cycle, before it is distributed on a public or private store.

The Apps model is a reality which influences directly the enterprise’s mobility projects. They are always linked with a large-scale roll-out of smart devices. This reality leads corporations to develop genuine internal ‘‘Apps-Factory’’, which is a necessity when you want to face the growing internal Apps demand, coming from various services.

TEST THE SECURITY LEVEL OF YOUR APPS is a key component of these "Apps factories".
It contributes to the security control process and the Apps quality, targeting two objectives:

  • Assess the Apps behavior from various perspectives: security, privacy and personal and business data protection; before publication on a public store,
  • Assess the behavior of an Apps developed by a third party or purchased by the company, prior to distribution to employees via a private store.

●Service set up

AuditMyApps is available in 2 modes:

  • SaaS mode,
    That access is in the Cloud, which is private and requires the creation of a subscriber account in order to log into a secured member zone.
  • On-Premise mode,
    run through servers set up at customer's or their IT partner's premises.

The initialization of the service is realized by the creation of a customer account and activation of its rights.

The use of the service is simple and immediate, designed in a logic of "ready to use":

  • The user logs on the platform in his private area.
  • He can access to all Apps security audit reports that he has already audited from his account.
  • In order to trigger a new audit for an App or a new version of an App, he only needs to upload his executable file (ipa, apk, …) on the platform. Within the average of one minute he will get the security audit report, which is available for an online browsing or for download as a PDF document.

Security audit report will show:

  • The summary view of the App analysis, highlighting identified threats classified within 3 categories: security, privacy (including data protection) and potential financial losses.
  • A detailed analysis of the Apps behavior based on 4 main categories: general specifications, communications, data treatment and suspicious activities.

●Customer benefits

Here are the benefits for our customers using the service:

  • An automated solution, ready to use, accessible to all development teams
  • The commodity of having an automated solution to face the booming development of Apps, without losing the security check focus and helping to bring the IS security at the centre of these projects.
  • The customization of the security policy within a corporate environment.
  • An Apps analysis with 3 main categories with specific criteria and understandable by everyone.
  • A trust certification "Pradeo Security Verified" for corporate Apps; a certification that can be promoted to their users to attest that security checks have been run.
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