Products and Services

Information Communication

Publishing Solutions

Magazines, books, dictionaries, free newspapers and magazines, PR magazines, textbooks, DVDs, planning and production of multimedia software, hybrid bookstore network, education and publications distribution, etc.

Marketing Communications

Catalogs, calendars, point-of-purchase materials, flyers, pamphlets, posters, event planning and execution, store design, customer service center operation, online businesses, household budget-tracking application, energy-efficient digital signage, etc.

Information Security / BPO

Personalized mail, smart cards, magnetic cards, SIM cards, transparent hologram ribbon, merchandise vouchers, bank books, business forms, etc.

Imaging Communications

Dye-sublimation thermal transfer printing media, dye-sublimation photo printer, ID photo kiosk and direct transfer ribbons, etc

Lifestyle and Industrial Supplies


Packaging for processed foods, toiletries and pharmaceuticals, universal design products, barrier film for packages, eco-friendly packaging such as biomass plastic film, PET plastic bottles and preform, aseptic filling systems for PET plastic bottles, packaging for Japanese-style space food, medicine packaging for daily behavior monitoring systems, etc.

Lifestyle Materials

Residential interior materials, exterior materials for buildings, decorative materials for stores and offices, automotive interior materials, interior coverings for railway cars, surface materials for household appliances, etc.

Industrial Supplies

Transparent barrier film, photovoltaic module components, bus line sheet used in photovoltaic cells, pouch for lithium-ion battery, etc.


Display Components

Color filter for liquid crystal display(LCD), large-scale photomask, touch panel sensors, optical films used for displays, electrode film for capacitive touch panels, display system for ultra-short focus projector, etc.

Electronic Devices

Semiconductor photomask, master template for nanoimprinting, hard disk drive suspension, lead frame for compact semiconductor packages, metal substrate for LED light, camera module, image enhancement LSI, near field communication (NFC) module, electronic paper display system, micro electro mechanical systems (MEMS) products, etc.