Publishing Solutions

Creating New Possibilities for Publishing Business

As the Japanese publishing industry's “No.1 partner,” DNP doesn't just print and produce books and magazines. Rather we create new possibilities for publishing business through services like proposing marketing and publishing plans, designing promotions linked with bookstores and other businesses, and seamlessly promoting paper books alongside electronic books. We also contribute to the globalization of publishing businesses.



DNP VR and AR Solutions



Meticulous support for book production

DNP's production support systems boost the efficiency of weekly and monthly magazine production. Our integrated book production lines provide speedy, high-quality printing and bookbinding. We offer POD* services that reduce inventory risk by decreasing lot size. We also offer translation into multiple languages, worldwide localization services, and other solutions that precisely meet the diverse needs connected with the production and manufacturing of books and magazines. * POD: print on demand


Hybrid production solutions


One-stop portal for realizing whatever format a customer wants

Based on DNP's experience in computerizing printing processes since the 1970s, we offer one-stop service not only for products printed on paper but also for a variety of digital media. By offering e-books and POD service, and by developing Internet content and applications, we expand the range of possibilities available to publishers and provide broad-based support for vitalizing the publishing industry as a whole.


Where everyone is sure to find the books they want to read

DNP's ”” website offers one of Japan's largest selections of e-books along with online sales of paper books. The system is also connected with bricks-and-mortar bookstore chains such as Maruzen, Junkudo and Bunkyodo with which honto shares a reward points system. By making the most of three sales formats: e-book store, online mail-order service, and physical bookstores, we ensure that consumers will find the books that they want to read.