Customer Experience–Based Service Opens Way to New Era

DNP VR and AR Solutions

DNP has focused on the uses of Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR), both of which are continuing to spread, to offer a totally new customer experience. DNP continues to provide new values, by anticipating a world where VR makes it possible to offer new experiences that go beyond time and space, and where information can be obtained in a natural manner by superimposing information on the real world.

Case Study

BnF x DNP Museum Lab “Globes in Motion”

Experiencing the celestial globes: Image projection via a head-mounted display Using the head-mounted display it is possible to enjoy an immersive experience that by placing the user at the center of the celestial globes gives the impression of entering into a space that provides a 360 degree view. An interaction linked to the user’s own body movements makes it possible to experience the real sensation of the 18th century heavens when the celestial globes were produced.

 [Compositional Elements]
Head-mounted display driven customer experience
●An all-encompassing space unfolds right from the tips of the user’s toes to the heavens
●It is possible to take in a 360 degree view from the center of the celestial globes and observe the constellations from any direction
●Commentary on the constellations appearing on the surface of the celestial globes is provided via an audio-visual function

Subject Matter
●The celestial globe of Jacque Baradelle from 1750 (Ge A 1393)



 ©Source: / Bibliothèque nationale de France

DNP Carton VR and Smart Phone Theater

DNP also provides a service producing VR images along with a paper-made head-mounted display for use with smartphones to help the user enjoy the images. In addition to providing realistic VR images, it is also possible to decorate the external paper covering of the head-mounted display with prints in line with events or specific contents. This helps provide a total immersive sensation for the VR user, and the DNP Carton VR Smart Phone Theater and VR solutions are available for uses including events, ads, and promotions.

Lenses can be switched between a SLR - single lens reflex and a TLR - twin lens reflex.

The new service makes it possible to enjoy contents such as VR video and still images with a 360 degree ring-side sensation by using a smartphone fitted to the paper head-mounted display. The display is foldable, making it easy to transport, possible to print upon, at the same time as being easy to produce.
Depending on the contents lenses can be switched between a SLR - single lens reflex (360-degree 2D video format) and a TLR - twin lens reflex (Side-by-Side1 format and 360-degree 3D video format).
The new service can be used with iPhone/Android terminals without the need for special applications to replay VR video.
It is possible to display VR video with just a single smart phone, and distribute such video in an affordable format by using such media as YouTube. The lens position can be adjusted in a simple manner for optimum viewing focus.
Field Test for AR Noh Viewing System
With the cooperation of the Hoshokai, the mainstream Noh organization, and Sony Corporation, an AR viewing system was used during the performance of Tsuchigumo (Ground Spider) in July 2016.
With the aim of capturing new fans from among Japanese youth and overseas visitors to Japan, a field test was conducted using VR as a viewing system that helped viewers understand the meaning of the lines and the play contents without interfering with the stage sound or distracting their attention from the stage in order to view the screen. DNP capitalized on the technology and know-how developed in visual communications and information architecture, and together with the Hoshokai and Sony Corporation has developed an AR-driven viewing system that uses smart glasses.

__ Participants in field test during play (left)
A commentary display image displayed on the smart glasses (right)

The display of text-based commentary in a position that does not interfere with viewing. As the commentary is distributed in a timely manner to match the spoken lines or the gestures of the players on the stage, it is possible to deepen the understanding of the viewers for Noh.
There is no need for the viewers to adjust the smart glasses, and as it is, therefore, possible for them to view the play without taking their eyes off the stage, there is no concern that they may miss important scenes.