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DNP makes the most of its advanced information security infrastructure in order to provide secure information services for consumers. These include the manufacture and personalizing of smart cards, printing of security vouchers, processing of personal information and biometric authentication. We also provide outsourcing services for all types of business processes. By providing customized solutions for companies' problems, we help them increase their corporate value.


Advanced security solutions

As the world's leading smart card company, DNP is involved in every aspect of not only card manufacturing and personalizing but also of the development of advanced security solutions. Amid rapidly increasing use of NFC-enabled smart phones, DNP will provide information services that consumers can use safely, confidently, and conveniently in the form of international brand prepaid cards and a mobile wallet service based on DNP's authentication technologies.


 NFC: International standard for near field communication


Lippmann holograms


Security at a glance ― holograms with outstanding stereoscopic effect

Holograms are being used increasingly widely to prevent forgery of vouchers, personal identification documents, etc., and to protect corporate brands by preventing the counterfeiting of products. DNP is one of just a few companies in the world that mass produce Lippmann holograms, which can express lifelike images that display a great deal of depth and are extremely difficult to counterfeit. We intend to expand applications for these holograms by combining them with other security technologies, such as digital watermarks.


Total support for all business processes

By offering comprehensive support and services that address every step from process design to actual business implementation, DNP provides efficient and highly stable solutions to companies' business problems. We will continue to resolve challenges faced by a wide variety of industries related to business processes that handle personal information and other sensitive information.