Marketing Communications

Promoting Sales and Diverse Communication Channels

Analyzing consumer needs, producing catalogs and other marketing tools, building websites, developing advertisements, events, and sales campaigns, operating customer response centers... These are some of the areas where DNP creates cutting-edge solutions that make the most of new information media to help our client companies strategically develop distribution and sales and implement customer service.


Providing optimal content in optimal formats

DNP is promoting its “cross media communications” business, which supports the publishing of information in a variety of paper and electronic media formats based on a single set of data formatted for printing. The system creates and distributes sophisticated electronic catalogs simultaneously with the creation of paper catalogs.


Digital signage using augmented reality (AR)


Effective in-store sales promotions

DNP uses digital signage in a variety of locations including city streets, train stations, stores and campuses, to provide optimized information services according to users’ current location and attributes. For example, we combine image processing technologies and AR technologies to offer “digital color fitting.” While standing in front of a special monitor that serves as a mirror, customers can change the color of clothing they are trying on by choosing the icon of colors, without having to change outfits.


Creating new value through new information Services

DNP operates a variety of communication channels to offer increased advantages to customers and create new value. Examples include our "Receipi!" smart phone application for household budget-tracking, "Elne" online customer loyalty point services, "Orikomio!" shoppers' support services focused on e-flyers, and "All About," a service that provides online information compiled by specialists referred to as "guides."