Display Components

DNP display solutions: focused on the future
course of IT-oriented societies, building on a history of printing and printing-derived technology

Printing technology has inspired an array of DNP electronic components for displays. In 1958 DNP succeeded in becoming the first company in Japan to develop shadowmasks for color TVs, a breakthrough we capitalized on to create a series of advanced products in display technology: Color filters for LCD displays are used in a growing number of product applications including flat-screen TVs and notebook computers; Back panels for plasma displays are in large flat-screen TVs; Large projection TV screens borne of innovation in high-precision plastic processing technology; Market-leading high-definition shadowmasks for computer monitors;
And organic EL displays offering tremendous promise as next-generation ultra-thin displays. These and other steady advances from DNP in electronic components will continue to support progress in the information age.


Color Filters for LCD Displays

Demand is surging for LCD displays for TVs, computers, and other applications, and color filters are vital components in LCD displays. Red, green, and blue are printed on glass substrates. Relying on its five plants at home and abroad, DNP boasts world-class production capacity for color filters of exceptional quality.


Organic EL Displays

Organic electro-luminescence (EL) is acclaimed as a technology to drive next-generation displays. Organic EL displays work on the principle of sending a current through specific organic compounds, causing them to luminesce and produce images. Full-color displays are created by luminescence of the three primary colors: red, green, and blue. Organic EL offers the advantages of better energy efficiency and brightness, and, unlike LCD TVs, they require no backlight. DNP has used its proprietary technology to develop organic EL displays on plastic substrates that can be curled up like a sheet of paper. The technology holds tremendous potential for luminescent posters and other innovations, and we have invested considerable research in this field.