Fusing the world’s most advanced fine patterning technologies and ultrafine etching technologies

Modern life has become richer and more convenient due to growing use of devices like digital household appliances, high definition display products and mobile information terminals including smartphones and tablet PCs. DNP develops and combines existing DNP technologies and works to create new core technologies in order to provide products, services, and systems that anticipate changes in the needs of businesses and consumers, primarily for the electronic equipment market. DNP works especially hard to develop new products and new businesses—including participation in new business fields—by fusing technologies like the world’s most advanced fine patterning and ultrafine etching techniques.

Display Components

●Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) color filters

Assess changes in the market environment and focus on small- and medium-size LCD color filters and on higher-definition products. Promote new product development by using our strongest technologies and/or by collaborating with partners.

- Focus color filter production on the still-growing markets for small- and medium-size displays.
- Promote cost structure reforms such as equipment optimization and rethinking of production and development systems.
- Focus on developing high-definition, high-quality products needed for small- and medium-size devices in order to stabilize business.
- Develop new products related to touch panels, organic EL and LED displays, etc. by making effective use of DNP’s strongest technologies and existing equipment, and by strengthening cooperation with business partners.

●Optical films

Propose new products that address consumers’ diverse requirements for displays. Further increase DNP’s share of the market for LCD surface materials.

- Anticipate demand trends such as higher resolution, wider color gamut, larger size, lighter weight, greater energy efficiency and higher performance while also meeting demand for products on the other end of the spectrum.
- Expand new product lineup by blending core technologies through cooperation with the color filter and/or electronic devices businesses.
- Further develop core technologies in order to raise quality and productivity and provide the market with more competitive products.

Electronic Devices

Meet global demand for semiconductor photomasks, develop cutting-edge technologies. Boost earning power by developing new products.

- Keep a solid grip on one of the world’s top market shares, particularly for the most advanced products with line widths of 28nm*1 or less.
- Respond to demand for miniaturization by developing cutting-edge products with line widths of 15-16nm, and prepare frameworks for supplying them.
- Focus on commercializing next-generation microfabrication technologies such as nanoimprinting*2 and extreme ultraviolet (EUV) exposure.*3
- Make use of overseas production bases to actively take up global demand.
- Make use of DNP’s world-class technological prowess to contribute to fields beyond semiconductors, such as areas related to the IoT, big data, life sciences, etc.
- Develop products that make use of microfabrication technologies, including components for hard disk drives, LED modules, printed wiring boards with embedded components, and MEMS (Micro Electro Mechanical Systems)*4 products.
- Reinforce new product development by cooperating with other units, for example in the development of image processing modules.

*1 nm (nanometer): one billionth of a meter
*2 Nanoimprinting: a semiconductor manufacturing technique that entails physically transferring a pattern to a resin-coated silicon wafer by pressing a template bearing a minute pattern against the wafer
*3 Extreme ultra-violet (EUV) exposure: a technique for using ultraviolet rays with extremely short wavelengths to burn minute circuit patterns onto wafers
*4 MEMS (micro electro mechanical system): a group of minute components made with semiconductor microfabrication technologies