Opto-Materials / Industrial Supplies

DNP industrial supplies solutions: setting our sights on the prosperity technology can bring, with a focus on greater convenience, comfort, and enjoyment for the next generation

DNP has applied proprietary “clean-converting” technology to the creation of products in many different fields. In display manufacturing, DNP optical film makes viewing easier, with innovations such as anti-reflective and anti-glare film for polarizing plates in LCD displays and electromagnetic-shielding film for the front filters of plasma displays. In device energy management, DNP has developed electrodes for lithium-ion rechargeable batteries to power mobile phones and other mobile devices. In the field of IT and communication, DNP provides insulation materials for flat cables used in digital home appliances, as well as polishing film for optical fiber in the public communication infrastructure. Additionally, many DNP innovations are at work in the field of information media supplies: ink ribbons and printing paper indispensable for hard copies from IT devices; dye-sublimation transfer ribbons (STRs) for digital camera and photo-sticker printouts; and fused thermal transfer ribbons (TTRs) used in many applications, including plain-paper facsimile machines, outdoor signs, and advertising on buses. We look forward to continuing our contributions to a more prosperous society through innovative technologies.

Optical Film for Displays

Anti-reflective and anti-glare films are applied to the front surfaces of liquid-crystal displays and plasma display panels (LCDs and PDPs) to suppress glare caused by outside light and fluorescent lights while making it easier to focus on the display. In addition, electromagnetic-shielding film is applied to the front filters of plasma displays to block electromagnetic radiation. Supplying optical films such as these represents one of the ways DNP meets market needs, and serves a key role in responding to the surge in demand for flatscreen TVs, mobile phones, and similar products.


Thermal Transfer Ink Ribbons


Materials used when printing bar codes and signe boads in a thermal transfer printing format. Thermal transfer ink ribbons are manufactured using ink made of carbon and colored pigments for printing which are mixed with wax and then attached at a thickness of several microns to the surface of a film which acts as the base material. When heat is transferred to this film from the thermal head, only the heated portion melts and is attached to the paper.


Materials used in the thermal transfer printing of digital images. Comprised of a three-color—yellow, magenta and cyan—ink ribbon with a transparent overcoat layer and dedicated receiver paper. As the dyes are transferred in line with the concentration of the image, it is possible to achieve smooth gradations, and reproduce high grade images of a similar quality to silver halide photographic prints. DNP is expecting a sharp increase in the use of this new imaging material at kiosk terminals and in home based printers.