DNP Standard Color Viewer

DNP Standard Color Viewer is a light source device for evaluation, or adjustment of Video Camera and Still Camera.
Clear image without flicker is created with high frequency wave fluorescent lighting method.

  • Luminance is adjustable in the range between 1,900 and 3,400cd/㎡(while 5100K lamp is used), 2,000 and 3,500cd/㎡(while 3100K lamp is used)
  • Usable worldwide power supply with AC Power 90V through 230V.
  • Easy replacement for lamp by design of simple Color Viewer frame.


Light Source:
4 lamps of 10W Special Fluorescent
Power Source:
AC 90V - 230V (50/60Hz)
Lighting Method:
High Frequency Inverter(41kHz)
Color Rendering:
Over 90% rendering evaluation-point for each color.
Operating Temperature:
10 to 40 degrees C
50 to 104 degrees F
Operating Humidity:
Below 80%(Avoid dew)
External Dimension(Frame Dimensions):
385(W) x 329(H) x 149(D) mm
External Dimension with handle and switch:
394(W) x 371(H) x 172(D)mm
Test Chart Dimension:
320(W) x 290(H) x 5tmm DNP SD Test Chart size
Luminance Plane Dimension:
250(W) x 190(H) mm
Test Chart Effective Dimension:
240(W) x 180(H)mm Aspect Ratio 4:3
Power Consumption:

*Color rendering value is measured while 5100K lamp is used.




Product Type Lamp Color Temperature Brightness Brightness Uniformity
SDCV-3500(5100K) FL10D-EDL-56K 5,100±300 1,900-3,400cd/㎡ Within 5%
SDCV-3500(3100K) FL10WW-DL-B 3,100±300 2,000-3,500cd/㎡ Within 5%

*Color Temperature change over 50K in accordance with the change of brightness on color temperature, brightness adjustable Color Viewer.

*Specifications may change without notification.

Former type CCV-51F•31F•51F/G•31F/G is the end of production with new model release.
Please inquire your vendor for the reparing issue.

Alternative Color Viewer

End of Production Type New Type
CCV-31F SDCV-3500(3100K)
CCV-51F SDCV-3500(5100K)
CCV-31F/G SDCV-3500(3100K)
CCV-51F/G SDCV-3500(5100K)
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