Lifestyle Materials

Creating Comfortable Living Spaces

DNP supplies a wide range of materials for decorating the interiors of homes and offices, medical and nursing care facilities, commercial facilities and hotels, automobiles and railroad cars, etc., as well as exterior decorative products that harmonize with various living environments. In order to create pleasant spaces wherever people live their lives, DNP offers comprehensive solutions that address the entire living-space supply chain.


Using core technologies to make living spaces comfortable

One of DNP's key technologies is the use of electron beam (EB) exposure for hardening resins applied to various surfaces. We use this technology to provide floor and wall coverings and other products that have superior resistance to abrasion and dirt, resist deterioration caused by ultraviolet rays, and are easy to maintain. We contribute to the creation of healthy and comfortable dwelling spaces in many ways, including the commercialization of EB wallpaper that is lightweight and low in VOCs*.


* VOCs: volatile organic compounds that are believed to be a cause of sick house syndrome


DNP's Ellio product line


Conserving energy with functional materials

Ellio products are manufactured by combining the metal plates and the printing technologies. By printing directly onto steel, stainless or aluminum sheet, Ellio products are aesthetically pleasing while retaining the advantages of using metal. In 2012, we developed“ High-reflective, Light-diffusing Ellio” metal paneling that effectively reflects and diffuses natural and artificial light. This product helps to conserve energy by spreading indirect light into every corner of a space.


Developing solutions for every kind of living space

DNP works to achieve optimal living spaces not only for consumers but also for people involved in construction, distribution or manufacturing, and people who operate commercial facilities or multifamily residential buildings. Our lifestyle materials business offers solutions for every phase of the living-space supply chain from the design phase ̶ including assessment of living environments and proposal and valuation of spatial designs based on such tools as emotional engineering ̶ to the development of construction methods.