Easy-to-use Packaging that Guards the Safety of its Contents

DNP's worldwide packaging business provides high-quality, advanced packaging for foods, household items, medical and pharmaceutical products, and other items. Our packaging products are easy for anyone to use and are exceptionally durable and protective of their contents. DNP continuously develops new high-value packaging products based on consideration for the global environment and an understanding of the needs and everyday realities of consumers and society.


Wrapping up safety and reliability with eco conscious mind

Life-cycle assessment (LCA) quantifies the level of greenhouse gas emissions, amount of energy consumed, and level of hazardous substances emitted throughout a product’s life cycle. It is thus a means of comprehensive evaluation of the environmental impact of the product. LCA has been standardized in the ISO 14000 series, and more people than ever have adopted it in response to the enactment of Japan’s Containers and Packaging Recycling Law. At DNP, we have established our own LCA methods to minimize the environmental impact of the packaging we develop and provide. An aseptic filling bottling system for PET bottles is just one example of our commitment to this development.


Global expansion of DNP's packaging operations


Providing packaging solutions worldwide

After we founded a plant in Indonesia in 1972, it became the leading provider of many types of packaging in Indonesia. Making use of technologies and expertise that we cultivated in Japan, we provide high-quality products primarily to corporations that do business on a global scale. In 2013, we are opening a plant in Vietnam, and we intend to expand our business to meet demand from rapidly growing Southeast Asian markets.


Creating new value that is closely connected to everyday life

DNP is developing projects that are closely connected to consumers' daily lives. For example, we conduct surveys of convenience stores, supermarkets, and other stores, analyze the eating habits of households in metropolitan Tokyo, and incorporate "universal design" principles that make products easy to use for most consumers. We keep our eye on the entire value chain as we provide solutions related to research and project planning, packaging design, and product planning and promotion, etc.