Imaging Communications

Creating the future with imaging communications that connect people, societies and the world

Through its group companies located around the world, DNP provides global manufacturing, sales, and support of printing media and photo printing solutions. DNP offers an extensive range of imaging products and services that enrich the lives of its users through communication, convenience, and enjoyment.


Expanding global business

DNP manufactures and supplies two types of thermal transfer printing media: dye-sublimation transfer media and direct transfer ribbons. Dye-sublimation transfer media produce high resolution, full-color images and are most often used with photo or ID card printers, while direct transfer ribbons are used mainly for printing barcodes. DNP holds one of the largest shares of the worldwide market for thermal transfer printing media, and is expanding its business by leveraging its global manufacturing, sales, and service operations.


Photo printing systems


Providing systems that satisfy the market's needs

DNP meets changing market requirements by providing software and hardware that integrate as complete photo printing systems for retailers and commercial photographers. This includes products such as the recently-introduced duplex photo printer that delivers double-sided printing to create professional quality photo books and calendars. DNP’s modern photo printing systems meet the needs of consumers with support for mobile devices, wireless communication, cloud storage, social media connectivity and network printing.


Touching the future through images

DNP is expanding its operations to address the entire imaging communications market, including services such as taking photographs as well as processing, storing, printing, and selling images. Our company operates self-service photo printing systems installed at leisure facilities such as theme parks as well as a service that takes photographs at event sites and sells the resulting image contents. DNP’s imaging products and services add value to people’s lives; we are committed to preserving the personal stories that are worth telling over and over again.