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Yoshiki Nozaka DNP Fine Chemicals Co., Ltd.

In 2009 we split off our domestic printing inks business, which had been one of our core businesses for a long time. Then in 2010 we changed our corporate name from The Inctec Inc to DNP Fine Chemicals Co., Ltd. That means our company is entering a new phase in its 120 year history. These changes we made are just the first steps into the future.

We have been successfully supporting DNP Group’s growth as a chemical materials developer and a supplier. Currently DNP Fine Chemicals Co., Ltd is promoting the development of various functional materials for a number of fields, ranging from UV curable inkjet ink, materials for flat panel displays and materials for semiconductors to energy-related materials.

However, the present market environment is not good and will probably remain so in the direct future. Under such circumstances, what is required of us in the DNP Group is a bold spirit so we can expand into new fields and become a major player in different markets. For example, we are to spot future trends and demands of the market and take action accordingly. Besides this we also need to create new value added products. Equally important is the need to exploit overseas market. In this way we can provide feedback to the DNP Group because of our experience and knowledge acquired in that market. Ultimately we will enhance the DNP Group’s potential by the above mentioned activities. This will be the mission, imposed on our newly born company.

In this relentlessly evolving chemical-products-industry, where new technology has led to a never ceasing stream of innovations, competition from local and foreign companies is fierce. We believe, that in order to guarantee our company’s future for another 100 or even 200 years, we should have a strengthened rapid response capability, an eagerness for gathering information and an unstoppable can do attitude.

It is our goal to remain a company who can make a contribution to society and form a bridge to a bright future by chemistry.

Yoshiki Nozaka


DNP Fine Chemicals Co., Ltd.