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DNP Fine Chemicals' Approach to the Environment and Safty

DNP Fine Chemicals' Approach to the Environment and Safty
(ISO14001 Certificate acquired by our two plants)

DNP Fine Chemicals Co., Ltd set out Concept of Responsible Care in early 1998 and kicked off the voluntary activities that all employees participated in.

Responsible Care Concept

We have been using up diverse materials and chemicals in our business operation as a chemical researcher and a manufacturer. We aim to be a company who can make a contribution to a community people and customers through our voluntary managing activities, prioritizing Responsible Care as our key challenges of the company. Those activities include protecting global environment, securing safety throughout the total life cycle of our products and securing the health for not only people in the community but also the employees of our company.
We acknowledged that it should be our duty to hand over clean environment of this invaluable globe to the next generation. Thus we had acquired the certification of ISO14001 (Environment management system) in 2002 in both plants of Tokyo and Kasaoka City.
We will commit ourselves to promote our environment-conscious business operation throughout our continuous business attitudes toward society and environment, which is specified in our Environment Policy, that we had declared in an attempt to materialize Responsible Care Concept more specifically.

DNP Fine Chemical Co., Ltd - Environmental Policy
[ Management Philosophy ]
On the basis of the DNP's management philosophy that the DNP Group is contributing to *the emergently evolving society of the 21st Century, DNP Fine Chemicals Co., Ltd believes that it should be most important challenge to fulfill our corporate social responsibility as a chemicals manufacturer for the sustainable growth of the community and the world. We will implement our activities plan under the DNP Group Code for Conduct, taking it as the major premise of global environmental protection.
* The emergently evolving society means that interactive and mutual inspiring action with each other within a society will help the society evolve into more advanced and sophisticated one, which turns to be qualitatively different from simple sum of each member's action when that would be actively integrated.

[ Our Activity Principles ]
(1) Every member of DNP Fine Chemicals Co., Ltd should keep in mind global environment protection issues as a member of society. We will make a persistent effort to set objectives for environment protection and carry them out in order to prevent from pollution.
(2) We will focus on our research and development of the environment conscious products and will be most concerned about environment impact, especially over saving consumption of resources and energy, and reducing hazardous materials in the products to the utmost extent.
(3) We will promote recycling used materials, reducing wasted materials on the production process by our proper management.
(4) We will strive for saving energy, such as power supply, town gas and other fuels in order to cut back the emission of global greenhouse gas.
(5) We will define the applicable International treaties, laws, regulations and other requirements, related to the environment protection and will observe them squarely.
(6) We will strive for continuing review and improvement of this environment management system, which should be established on the basis of our Environment Policy and should be materialized by our daily actual activities.

Established in June 2001

Revised in January 2010

Yoshiki Nozaka


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