DNP Fine Chemicals Co., Ltd. | Personal Information Protection Policy

DNP Fine Chemicals Co., Ltd. | Personal Information Protection Policy

A variety of companies and organizations entrust DNP Fine Chemicals with personal information so that we can help them provide all types of services and products for consumers. In addition, we have developed various types of services and products that make effective use of personal information in businesses that DNP Fine Chemicals operates itself. Through these various businesses, we have become well aware of the importance of personal information and it is obvious to us that we are obligated to provide appropriate protection for such information.

We will handle personal information appropriately, in line with our Personal Information Protection Policies.

[ 1 ]
Strictly comply with laws, national government guidelines, and other regulations related to personal information protection; strive to protect personal data.

[ 2 ]
Take necessary and appropriate safety precautions to prevent leakage, loss or destruction of personal data. In the event that a problem should occur, take prompt measures to correct the situation.

[ 3 ]
Specify reasons for using personal information; acquire, use and provide personal information in fair and appropriate ways. Take measures to prevent personal information from being used for any purpose other than the specific purpose for which it was acquired.

[ 4 ]
Respond appropriately to a request for disclosure from someone whose own personal information is being held by the Company.

[ 5 ]
When the performance of services on behalf of a client company involves the handling of personal information, use the information only within the scope of the requested services.

[ 6 ]
Establish in-house regulations concerning the handling of personal information; build, maintain and continuously improve related systems.

[ 7 ]
Respond appropriately to complaints or questions from someone whose personal information is being held by the Company regarding our handling of personal information or our systems for protecting personal information.

Established July, 2007

DNP Fine Chemicals Co., Ltd.

President Itsuo Totsuka