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The 75th Kenji Kitagawa: Devices in Black—The Distance of Memory

June 16, 2018 - September 09, 2018

Kenji Kitagawa embarked on his artistic career in the 1970s as a printmaker, creating mostly photogravure prints imbued with a unique tension and pronounced sense of spirituality. From the 1980s, he began to venture into other expressive realms using different media forms, but the uniting factor running through the polyhedrous universe formed by Kitagawa’s creations is the artist's way of construing each of his creations as a “device” sent out into the world to summon up memories and induce imaginative journeys on the part of the viewer. Out of Kenji Kitagawa’s body of work, we have chosen in this exhibition to focus mostly on the intaglio printing that was his starting point, as well as presenting some of the three-dimensional works which have been his focus over the last few years. We sincerely hope that it will provide viewers with a tantalizing visual experience to stir up images from within and ignite the imagination.

CCGA Print Studio

In 2012 the Center for Contemporary Graphic Art (CCGA), a facility dedicated to activities relating to prints and graphic design, opened a print studio open to the general public. The new CCGA Print Studio is located, together with CCGA itself, in the lush green foothills of Mt. Utsumine in the city of Sukagawa, in Fukushima Prefecture.
Sukagawa is the birthplace of Aodo Denzen (1748-1822), a painter of the Edo Period who was among the first Japanese artists to produce copperplate prints in Western style. In 2012 Aodo Denzen works were designated by the Japanese Government as Important Cultural Properties.
With the opening of the CCGA Print Studio, small in scale but fully equipped, in this location with strong associations with prints, our aspiration is that it will serve as a welcome venue both for printmaking workshops attended by the general public and as a studio open to experienced print artists.

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