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December 14, 2016 - December 24, 2016

Designed by Yusuke MImasu
Designed by Yusuke MImasu

Previous exhibitions at the kyoto ddd gallery have presented the cutting edge of graphic design, focusing on world-renowned masters of the genre and up-and-coming artists. However, seizing upon the opportunity of our relocation to Kyoto—a hub for art-focused universities and vocational colleges—we hope to deepen ties with educational and research institutions. Furthermore, we will take up the challenge of showcasing the appeal of graphic design to the younger generation and re-examining the history of design. This exhibition, organized jointly with the Kyoto University of Art & Design's Project Center, will be the second in the series. In a project-style course that began in April, students traveled to Tokyo for study sessions to look back on movable type printing techniques. Come and discover how these students integrated their in-class learning into the works they produced for this exhibition

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