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The178th GRAPHIC WEST 3 phono/graph -sound·letters·graphics- January 18 (Tue.) to March 9 (Wed.)
The177th DNP Graphic Design Archives Collection II Ikko Tanaka Posters 1953-1979 November.,December
The176th 2010 ADC Exhibition September.,October
The175th DNP Graphic Design Archives Collection III “Shigeo Fukuda’s Visual Jumping” July.,September
The174th TDC Exhibition 2010 May.,July
The173rd Issay Kitagawa Exhibition Mar.,May
The172nd Graphic West 2: “Sensory Boxes” Jan.,Mar.


The171st Kijuro Yahagi: Magnetic Vision 60/100 New Works Oct.,Dec.
The170th 2009 ADC Exhibition Aug.,Oct.
The169th '09 TDC Exhibition Jun.,Jul.
The168th DRAFT Exhibition: Branding and Art Directors Apr.,Jun.
The167th Brilliant Rivalry:Works by Outstanding Designers in the DNP Archives of Graphic Design Mar.,Apr.
The166th Helvetica Forever Story of a Typeface Jan.,Feb.


The165th Truth And/Or Virtue Graphic Designs by Shinnoske Sugisaki and Yoshimaru Takahashi Nov.,Dec.
The164th AOBA SHOW: Masuteru Aoba One-Man Show Oct.,Nov.
The163rd 2008 ADC Exhibition Sep.,Oct.
The162nd NOW UPDATING Interactive Design of THA / Yugo Nakamura Aug.
The161st 08TDC Exhibition Jun.,Jul.
The160th Shinya Nakajima TV Commercial Exhibition Shinya Nakajima with 29 Art Directors Apr.,Jun.
The159th Kenjiro Sano Exhibition GINZA SALONE OSAKA: KENJIRO SANO attacks ddd gallery Feb.,Apr.
The158th The Japan Magazine Publishers Association and the Japan Book Publishers Association 50th Anniversary Commemoration WELCOME TO MAGAZINE POOL Ten Boundary-Crossing Magazine Designers Jan.,Feb.


The157th Katsu Kimura: Toi Boxes The November exhibition at the ddd gallery is ?Toi Boxes? by Katsu Kimura. Nov.,Dec.
The156th 2007 ADC Exhibition Oct.,Nov.
The155th Helmut Schmid: design is attitude Aug.,Sep.
The154th 07 TDC Exhibition Jul.
The153rd EXHIBITIONS: Graphic Messages from ggg & ddd 1986-2006 May.


The152nd 2006 ADC Exhibition Aug.
The151st Black and White Posters Jun.,Jul.
The150th 06 TDC Exhibition May.,Jun.
The149th Bruno Oldani Exhibition Apr.,May.
The148th Nagi Noda Exhibition : Hanpanda Contemporary Art Mar.,Apr.
The147th Graphic Thought Facility GTF: 50 Projects Feb.,Mar.
The146th SWISS POSTER ART 100 years of creation Jan.,Feb.


The145th The Graphic Design of Makoto Wada Nov.,Dec.
The144th German AGI Graphic Design Perfect Form Oct.,Nov.
The143rd Katsunori Aoki XX Sep.,Oct.
The142nd 2005 Tokyo Art Directors Club Exhibition Aug.,Sep.
The141st Laboratoires CCCP = Dr. Peche + Melle Rose Exhibition Jul.
The140th 05 TDC Exhibition May.,Jun.
The139th Mevis & Van Deursen Exhibition Apr.,May.
The138th Kashiwa Sato BEYOND Mar.,Apr.
The137th Cyan: 13 Years in Berlin Feb.,Mar.
The136th Wind and Lightning : A Half-Century of Magazine Design by Kohei Sugiura Jan.,Feb.


The135th Balarinji Design Exhibition Nov.,Dec.
The134th Posters from the Czech Republic
Collection 1960-2003 of the Museum of Decorative Arts in Prague Oct.,Nov.
The133rd Friendly Fire - The Work of Barnbrook Design Sep.,Oct.
The132nd 2004 ADC Exhibition Aug.,Sep.
The131st Pierre Mendell Exhibition Jun.,Jul.
The130th The Tokyo Type Directors Club Exhibition 2004 May.,Jun.
The129th Magazine Design Studio Cap TMDC's 1st Project: Cap Gun Apr.,May.
The128th Danish Posters - Over the past 10 years Selected by Danish Design Centre Mar.,Apr.
The127th Kazumasa Nagai Poster Exhibition Feb.,Mar.
The126th Takayuki Soeda "Advertising Returns!?" Jan.,Feb.


The125th Hajime Sorayama - The Exhibition - Nov.,Dec.
The124th Cultural Posters of Europe
From the collection of Die Neue Sammlung München Oct.,Nov.
The123rd Stefan Sagmeister exhibition Sep.,Oct.
The122nd 2003 Tokyo Art Directors Club exhibition Aug.,Sep.
The121st Luba Lukova exhibition Jul.,Aug.
The120th The Tokyo Type Directors Club Exhibition 2003 Jun.,Jul.
The119th Of Ink and Chairs: The Art and Design of Kan Tai-Keung and Freeman Lau Mar.,Apr.
The118th Fabrica 1994-2003: From Chaos to Order and Back Mar.,Apr.
The117th Posters and Graphic Art by Ikko Tanaka Feb.,Mar.
The116th SUN-AD : The People Jan.,Feb.


The115th Chinese Graphic Design Exhibition Nov.,Dec.
The114th Sadik Karamustafa Exhibition Oct.,Nov.
The113rd 2002 ADC Exhibition Sep.,Oct.
The112nd Ken Miki Exhibition Jul.,Sep.
The111st Posters from Vienna
The Vienna Municipal Library Archive, 1883-2002 Jul.
The110th The Tokyo TDC Exhibition 2002 May.,Jun
The109th Studio Tapiro Posters for the Venice Biennale Apr.,May
The108th Ott + Stein Posters from Berlin Mar.,Apr
The107th The Makoto Saito Exhibition Feb.,Mar
The106th "Tadahito Nadamoto: Patterns from Everyday Life" Jan.,Feb


The105th "Straight from the Source of Design Education II Exhibition" Nov.,Dec
The104th Shin Matsunaga Exhibition Oct.,Nov
The103rd Wolfgang Weingart Exhibition Sep.,Oct
The102nd 2001 Tokyo Art Directors Club Exhibition Aug.,Sep
The101st Hangul Poster Exhibition Jul.,Aug
The100th Chip Kidd Exhibition Jun.,Jul
The99th The Tokyo Type Directors Club Exhibition 2001 May.,Jun
The98th Poster of Salzburg Festival Exhibition Mar.,Apr
The97th Kontrapunkt Exhibition Feb.,Mar
The96th 2001: Yasuhiko Kida Exhibition Jan.,Feb


The95th Straight from the Source of Design Education Exhibition Nov.,Dec
The94th Italo Lupi Exhibition Oct.,Nov
The93rd 2000 Tokyo ADC Exhibition Sep.,Oct
The92nd Pierre Bernard Exhibition Jul.,Sep
The91st Anthon Beeke Posters Exhibition Jun.,Jul
The90th The Tokyo Type Directors Club Exhibition 2000 May.,Jun
The89th Osaka Pop Exhibiton Apr.,May
The88th Paul Davis Posters Exhibition Mar.,Apr
The87th Keizo Matsui Exhibition Feb.,Mar
The86th Graphic Message for Ecology Exhibition Jan.,Feb


The85th Two Men from Macau Exhibition Ung Vai Meng/Victor Hugo Marreiros Nov., Dec.
The84th Chaz Maviyane-Davies Exhibition Oct.,Nov.
The83rd Scott Makela Exhibition Sep.,Oct.
The82nd '99 Tokyo ADC Exhibition Aug.,Sep.
The81st Jan Rajlich Junior Exhibition Jul.,Aug.
The80th Tokyo TDC '99 Exhibition Jun.,Jul.
The79th Graphic Design from Hamburg Exhibition May,Jun.
The78th Paula Scher Exhibition Mar.,Apr.
The77th Pierre Neumann Exhibition Feb.,Mar.
The76th Furoshiki Graphics by 18 Designers from around the World Exhibition Jan.,Feb.


The75th Taiwan 4 Exhibition Nov.,Dec.
The74th David Tartakover Exhibition Oct.,Nov.
The73rd Zafryki Exhibition Sep.,Oct.
The72nd '98 Tokyo ADC Exhibition Aug.,Sep.
The71st Studio Dumbar Exhibition Jul.
The70th Tokyo TDC Exhibition '98 Jun.
The69th Philippe Apeloig Exhibition Apr.,May
The68th Three Dimensions of Russian Graphic Design Exhibition Mar.,Apr.
The67th Jean-Beno Levy Exhibition Feb.,Mar.
The66th Faydherbe/De Vringer Exhibition Jan.,Feb.


The65th Global Exhibition Nov.,Dec.
The64th James Victore Exhibition Oct.,Nov.
The63rd Ralph Schraivogel Exhibition Sep.,Oct.
The62nd '97 Tokyo ADC Exhibition Aug.,Sep.
The61st Cato Design Inc. Exhibition Jul.
The60th Mexican 10 Graphic Designers May,Jun.
The59th Tokyo TDC Exhibition Apr.,May
The58th Graphic Design in China Exhibition Mar.,Apr.
The57th K2 Osaka Exhibition Feb.,Mar.
The56th João Machado Exhibition Jan.,Feb.


The55th Woody Pirtle Exhibition Nov.,Dec.
The54th Alain Le Quernec Exhibition Oct.,Nov.
The53rd John Maeda Paper and Computers Exhibition Sep.,Oct.
The52nd '96 Tokyo ADC Exhibition Aug.,Sep.
The51st Contemporary Graphics in Hungary Exhibition Jun.,Aug.
The50th Kari Piippo Exhibition Jun.,Jul.
The49th The 8th Tokyo Typodirectors Club Exhibition May,Jun.
The48th Gunter Rambow Exhibition Apr.,May
The47th Werner Jeker Exhibition Mar.,Apr.
The46th Margo Chase Exhibition Feb.,Mar.
The45th Illustration in Japan 1946-1995 Exhibition Jan.,Feb.


The44th Six Designers in Asia Exhibition Nov.,Dec.
The43rd Peret Torrent Exhibition Oct.,Nov.
The42nd Design, Print, Paper Exhibition IV Sep.,Oct.
The41st '95 Tokyo ADC Exhibition Aug.,Sep.
The40th Terrelonge Exhibition Jun.,Aug.
The39th Ikko Tanaka Exhibition Jun.,Jul.
The38th Michel Bouvet Exhibition May,Jun.
The37th The 7th Tokyo TDC Exhibition Apr.,May
The36th Grappa Design Exhibition Mar.,Apr.
The35th Bruno Munari Exhibition Feb.,Mar.
The34th German Montalvo Exhibition Jan.,Feb.


The33rd Yusaku Kamekura Exhibition Dec.
The32nd David Carson + Gary Koepke Exhibition Oct.,Nov.
The31st Design, Print, Paper Exhibition Part III Sep.,Oct.
The30th '94 Tokyo ADC Exhibition Aug.,Sep.
The29th Uwe Loesch Exhibition Jul.,Aug.
The28th Kazumasa Nagai Exhibition Jun.,Jul.
The27th Jennifer Morla Exhibition May,Jun.
The26th Yosuke Kawamura, Nobuhiko Yabuki, Teruhiko Yumura, Mizumaru Anzai Exhibition Apr.,May
The25th Ruedi Baur/Integral Concept Exhibition Mar.,Apr.
The24th Pop-up Greetings Exhibition Feb.,Mar.
The23rd Saul Bass Exhibition Jan.,Feb.


The22nd Eight Designers in Today's Hong Kong Dec.,Jan.
The21st Mitsuo Katsui Exhibition Nov.,Dec.
The20th U.G. Sato Exhibition Oct.,Nov.
The19th Bill Thorburn Exhibition Sep.,Oct.
The18th Design, Prints, Paper Exhibition Part II Aug.,Sep.
The17th Imagination of Letters Exhibition Jul.,Aug.
The16th The 5th Tokyo TDC Exhibition Jun.,Jul.
The15th Russell Warren-Fisher Exhibition May,Jun.
The14th '92 Tokyo ADC Exhibition Apr.,May
The13rd Allen Hori + Robert Nakata Exhibition Mar.,Apr.
The12nd Why Not Associates Exhibition Feb.,Mar.
The11st Furoshiki Exhibition Jan.,Feb.


The10th Tadahito Nadamoto, Akira Uno,Makoto Wada, Harumi Yamaguchi Exhibition Nov.,Dec.
The9th Michael Mabry Exhibition Oct.,Nov.
The8th Makoto Nakamura Exhibition Oct.
The7th Vaughan Oliver Exhibition Aug.,Sep.
The6th Design Print & Paper Exhibition Jul.,Aug.
The5th Seymour Chwast Exhibition Jun.,Jul.
The4th Rick Valicenti Exhibition May,Jun.
The3rd The 4th Tokyo TDC Exhibition Apr.,May
The2nd Ivan Chermayeff Exhibition Mar.
The1st Trans-Art '91 Exhibition Jan.,Feb.
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