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The 248th Exhibition EXHIBITIONS: Graphic Messages from ggg & ddd 1986-2006(Part I) Part I: January 11(Thur.) - January 31(Wed.),2007 Part II: February 6(Tue.) - February 28(Wed.),2007

Graphic design, being imbued with economic, social and cultural aspects, naturally evolves along with the assorted changes taking place in the world. "Exhibitions," a show held to commemorate ginza graphic gallery's (ggg) 20th anniversary, was a retrospective look back over the course of those two decades as reflected in the activities of the major Japanese and foreign designers who exhibited at ggg and ddd through those years. The show featured works nominated for inclusion by the designers themselves, along with their comments. In all, works were shown by 166 designers - 100 from Japan and 66 from overseas - and this vast number of works and messages afforded an interesting overview of the evolutionary changes of this 20-year period and also pointed up the differences that separate Japanese designers from their foreign counterparts. Although both groups respond to the shifting trends taking place around them, overseas designers maintain a solid sense of "self," and they respond tenaciously without changing the individual style of their works. In Japan, the past 20 years saw a conspicuous emergence of new designers more sensitive to social changes who, with their lightfooted sensibilities, breathed freshness into the era and took flight. Despite their differences - Japanese designers' more sensual and resilient expression and overseas designers' more logical constructions - it was reassuring to see in their respective works how graphic design, imbued with the evolving changes of the times, continues to make contributions by aiming for a salubrious environment, economy, society and culture.
Kazumasa Nagai

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