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The296th Design・Fumio Tachibana
The295th Ian Anderson / The Designers Republic Come Home February.
The294th Shueitai 100 January.


The293rd The Euphrates Exhibition: From Research to Expression December.
The292nd Kazunari Hattori:November 2010 November.
The291st Seas and Mountains and Norito Shinmura October.
The290th Push Pin Paradigm Seymour Chwast / Paul Davis / Milton Glaser / James McMullan September.
The289th Ralph Schraivogel Exhibition August.
The288th 2010 ADC Exhibition July.
The287th NB@ggg Neville Brody 2010 June.
The286th TALKING THE DRAGON Tsuguya Inoue Exhibition May.
The285th TDC Exhibition 2010 April.
The284th DNP Graphic Design Archives Collection III “Shigeo Fukuda’s Visual Jumping” Mar.
The283rd DNP Graphic Design Archives Collection II Ikko Tanaka Posters 1953–1979 Graphic Design Jan.


The282nd Kokoku Hihyo: End of One Era, Start of Another December.
The281st Issay Kitagawa November.
The280th Toshio Yamagata Exhibition October.
The279th Tadahito Nadamoto, Akira Uno, Makoto Wada and Tadanori Yokoo SHOW September.
The278th LASTSHOW: Gan Hosoya’s Art Direction August.
The277th 2009 ADC Exhibition July.
The276th Max Huber - a graphic designer June.
The275th Kijuro Yahagi: Magnetic Vision/100 New Works May.
The274th '09 TDC Exhibition Apr.
The273rd DRAFT Exhibition: Branding and Art Directors Mar.
The272nd Helvetica Forever: Story of a Typeface Feb.
The271st Brilliant Rivalry:Works by Outstanding Designers in the DNP Archives of Graphic Design Jan.


The269th M/M (Paris): The Theatre Posters Nov.
The268th “White” Kenya Hara Oct.
The267th The Design Cycle of Keiko Hirano: Origin, Terminus, Origin Sep.
The266th NOW UPDATING•••The Interactive Design of tha/Yugo Nakamura Aug.
The265th 2008 ADC Exhibition Jul.
The264th Hiroshi Sasaki, Leader of a Cheering Squad for the Japanese Advertising World Jun.
The263rd Alan Fletcher: The Father of British Graphic Design May.
The262nd '08 TDC Exhibition Apr.
The261st TEXTASY: Brody Neuenschwander Mar.
The260th Testimonies from Twenty Pioneers of the Graphic Design Era: Interviews by Hiroshi Kashiwagi Feb.
The259th Toda Today : Poster Art by Seiju Toda Jan.


The258th AOBA SHOW : Masuteru Aoba One-Man Show Dec.
The257th Japan Magazine Publishers Association and Japan Book Publishers Association 50th Anniversary Commemoration
Ten Creators Crossing Boundaries for Magazine Design Nov.
The256th Shinya Nakajima CM Exhibition
Shinya Nakajima with 29 Art Directors Oct.
KENJIRO SANO attacks ginza graphic gallery Sep.
The254th The Warsaw Wind 1966-2006
Gold Prize Winning Entries from the Warsaw International Poster Biennale Aug.
The253rd 2007 ADC Exhibition July.
The252nd Masaaki Hiromura Exhibition June.
The251st helmut schmid exhibition : design is attitude May.
The250th 07 TDC Exhibition Apr.
The249th Katsu Kimura Exhibition Mar.
The248th EXHIBITIONS Graphic Messages from ggg & ddd 1986-2006 Jan.


The247th Yoshio Hayakawa: Witness to the Dawn of Japanese Design Dec.
The246th Hideki Nakajima Exhibition:CLEAR in the FOG Nov.
The245th Radical Advertisement (Norio Nakamura + Masahiko Sato) Activities No. 6 Oct.
AGI Congress 2006 in Japan, KAKEJIKU Exhibition Sep.
The244th Graphic Wave 2006 Masayoshi Kodaira, Naomi Hirabayashi, Manabu Mizuno, and Eiji Yamada School of Design Sep.
The243rd The Alexander Gelman Exhibition: New York Connection Aug.
The242nd 2006 ADC Exhibition July.
The241st Keiichi Tanaami-ism June.
The240th Kazufumi Nagai / Hakuhodo Design : Brands and Designs May.
The239th 06 TDC Exhibition Apr.
The238th CYAN Exhibition Mar.
The237th Nagi Noda Exhibition: Hanpanda Contemporary Art Feb.
The236th Yusaku Kamekura (1915-1997): A Leading Pioneer in the World of Japanese Design Jan.


The235th SWISS POSTER ART 100 years of creation Dec.
The234th Exhibition of Shin Sobue + cozfish Nov.
The233rd Laboratoires CCCP = Dr. Peche + Melle Rose Exhibition Oct.
The232nd Graphic Wave 2005: Ichiro Tanida, Ichiro Higashiizumi & Chie Morimoto Sep.
The231st Masahiko Sato Laboratory Exhibition: Problems and Their Solutions Aug.
The230th 2005 Tokyo Art Directors Club Exhibition July.
The229th Chermayeff & Geismar Inc : Designing over four decades June.
The228th The Graphic Design of Makoto Wada May.
The227th 05 TDC Exhibition Apr.
The226th Katsunori Aoki XX Mar.
The225th Balarinji Design Exhibition Ancient Culture - Contemporary Design Feb.
The224th The Seven Faces of the ASABA Exhibition Jan.


The223rd Another Side of Ayao Yamana, 1920s-70s Dec.
The222nd Kashiwa Sato BEYOND Nov.
The221st Wind and Lightning : A Half-Century of Magazine Design by Sugiura Kohei Oct.
The220th Graphic Wave 2004 Aoshi Kudo, GRAPH, Namaiki Sep.
The219th Friendly Fire - the work of Barnbrook Design Aug.
The218th 2004 ADC Exhibition July
The217th Danish Posters - Over the past 10 years, Selected by Danish Design Centre June.
The216th Taku Satoh: "Plasticity" May.
The215th The Tokyo Type Directors Club Exhibition 2004 Apr.
The214th the Magazine Design Studio CAP --- TMDC's 1st PROJECT CAP GUN Mar.
The213rd Keiji Ito, Hiroki Taniguchi, Hiro Sugiyama Exhibition Feb.
The212nd Kazumasa Nagai Poster Exhibition Jan.


The211st Takashi Kono (1906-1999): Modernist of the Showa Era Dec.
The210th Stefan Sagmeister Exhibition Oct.
The209th Takayuki Soeda "Advertising Returns!?" Oct.
The208th Graphic Wave 2003 Kenjiro Sano, Nagi Noda, Kazunari Hattor Sep.
The207th Minoru Niijima Exhibition Interaction of Colors and Fonts Aug.
The206th 2003 Tokyo ADC Exhibition July.
The205th Hajime Sorayama - The Exhibition - Jun.
The204th FABRICA 1994/03 From Chaos to Order and Back May.
The203rd The Tokyo Type Directors Club Exhibition 2003 Apr.
The202nd Exhibition of Contemporary Chinese Graphic Design Mar.
The201st Sadik Karamustafa Graphic Design Exhibition Feb.
The200th Ikko Tanaka Poster and Graphic Art Exhibition Jan.


The199th Herb Lubalin Exhibition Dec.
The198th Graphic Shows Brazil Nov.
The197th SUN-AD: The People Oct.
The196th Graphic Wave 2002 : Hitomi Sago, Yasuhiro Sawada, Norito Shinmura Sep.
The195th OUT OF DESIGN Noriyuki Tanaka Exhibition Aug.
The194th 2002 Tokyo Art Directors Club Exhibition Jul.
Yasuji Hanamori and Kurashi No Techo exhibition Jun.
The193rd Alan Chan Oriental Passion Western Harmony Jun.
The192nd DRAFT Exhibition May.
The191st The Tokyo TDC Exhibition 2002 Apr.
The190th Design Education: Post-St. Joost's New Method Mar.
The189th Uno Akira Exhibition Feb.
The188th Uwe Loesch Exhibition Jan.


The187th Chip Kidd Exhibition Dec.
The186th Makoto Saito Exhibition Nov.
The185th Hangul Poster Exhibition Oct.
The184th Graphic Wave 2001 Exhibition, Katsuhiko Shibuya / Kazufumi Nagai / Kozue Hibino Sep.
The183rd Tadahito Nadamoto Exhibition Aug.
The182nd 2001 Tokyo ADC Exhibition Jul.
The181st Typography of Hiromu Hara Exhibition Jun.
The180th Kontrapunkt Exhibition May
The179th The Tokyo Typo Directors Club Exhibition 2001 Apr.
The178th Shin Matsunaga Exhibition Mar
The177th Italo Lupi Exhibition Feb
The176th 2001: Yasuhiko Kida Exhibition Jan.


The175th The Book & The Computer Exhibition Dec.
The174th Pierre Bernard Exhibition Nov.
The173rd Tztom Toda Exhibition Oct.
The172nd Graphic Wave 2000 ExhibitionGugi Akiyama/Tycoon Graphics/Hideki Nakajima Sep.
The Epoch of the Japan Advertising Artists Club Exhibition Aug. August 1(Tue.) - 12(Sat.),2000
August 17(Thur.) - 29(Tue.),2000
The170th 2000 Tokyo ADC Exhibition Jul.
The169th Osaka Pop Exhibition Jun.
The168th Poster Works Nagoya 12 Exhibition May
The167th The Tokye Type Directors Club Exhibition 2000 Apr.
The166th Kenji Itoh Exhibition Mar.
The165th Bruno Monguzzi Exhibition Feb.
Kishin Shinoyama & Manuel Legris Special Exhibition Jan.
The164th Graphic Message for Ecology Exhibition Jan.


Irving Penn regards the works of Issey Miyake Special Exhibition Dec.
The163rd Paul Davis Posters Exhibition Dec.
The162nd Keizo Matsui Exhibition Nov.
The161st FUSE Posters and Fonts Exhibition Oct.
The160th Graphic Wave1999 Exhibition Mamoru Suzuki/Kei Matsushita/Hiroshi Yonemura Sep.
The159th Kijuro Yahagi Exhibition Aug.
John Maeda: One-line. com Special Exhibition Jul.
The158th '99 Tokyo ADC Exhibition Jul.
The157th Katsuhiko Hibino Exhibition Jun.
The156th Contemporary Bulgarian Graphic Design Exhibition May
The155th Tokyo TDC Exhibition '99 Apr.
The Works of Seiichi Horiuchi Special Exhibition Mar.
The154th Tsunehisa Kimura Exhibition Mar.
The153rd Transition of Modern Typography in Japan 1946-95 Exhibition Feb.
The152nd Furoshiki Graphics by 18 Designers from around the World exhibition Jan.


The151st Herbert Reupin Exhibition Dec.
The150th Philippe Apeloig Exhibition Nov.
The149th Gunter Rambow Exhibition Oct.
The148th Graphic Wave 1998 Exhibition Tastuo Ebina/Keiko Hirano/Ken Miki Sep.
The147th Yoichiro Kawaguchi Exhibition Aug.
The146th '98 Tokyo ADC Exhibition Jul.
The145th Yoko Yamamoto Exhibition Jun.
The144th Studio Dumbar Exhibition May
The143rd Tokyo TDC Exhibition '98 Apr.
The142nd Stasys Eidrigevicius Exhibition Mar.
The141st Odermatt + Tissi Exhibition Feb.
The140th 8RO ART & AD Exhibition Jan.


The139th Global Exhibition Dec.
The138th Shigeo Fukuda Exhibition Nov.
The 10th Anniversary of Masaru Katsumi Award Oct.,Nov.
The137th Graphic Wave 1997 Exhibition Kan Akita/Satoe Inoue/Osamu Fukushima Oct.
The136th Mexican 10 Graphic Designers Sep.
The135th Toshifumi Kawahara and Polygon Pictures Exhibition Aug.
The134th '97 Tokyo ADC Exhibition Jul.
The133rd Tadanori Yokoo's Poster Exhibition Jun.
The132nd Magazines Today Exhibition May
The131st Masayoshi Nakajo Exhibition Apr.
The130th The 10th Anniversary of Tokyo TDC Exhibition Mar.
The129th Tadashi Ohashi Exhibition Feb.
The128th Nisuke Shimotani Exhibition Jan.
A Special CCGA: The Prints of Josef Albers Jan.


The127th Alain Le Quernec Exhibition Dec.
The126th Graphic Wave 1996 Exhibition Katsunori Aoki/Taku Satoh/Toshio Yamagata Nov.
The125th Czech Avant-Garde Book Design 1920's-'30s Exhibition Oct.
The124th K2 - Seitaro Kuroda/Keisuke Nagatomo Exhibition Sep.
The123rd John Maeda Paper and Computers Exhibition Aug.
The122nd '96 Tokyo ADC Exhibition Jul.
The121st Shigeo Katsuoka Exhibition Jun.
The120th Contemporary Graphics in Hungary Exhibition May
The119th The 8th Tokyo TDC Exhibition Apr.
The118th Posters by 23 Artists in São Paulo Exhibition Mar.
The117th Transition of Modern Typography-2 Exhibition Feb.
The116th Yasuhiro Yomogida Exhibition Jan.


The115th 50 Years in Japanese Illustrations Exhibition Dec.
The114th Masatoshi Toda Exhibition Nov.
The113rd Transition of Modern Typography-1 Exhibition Oct.
The112nd Tamotsu Yagi Exhibition Sep.
Special Exhibition Twenty Graphic Designers of the World 10th Anniversary of Ginza Graphic Gallery
The Publication Anniversary of gggBooks of twenty volumes Sep.
The111st Rhythm & Hues Computer Graphics Exhibition Aug.
The110th '95 Tokyo ADC Exhibition Jul.
The109th Niklaus Troxler Exhibition Jun.
The108th Ikko Tanaka Exhibition May
The107th Pieter Brattinga Exhibition Apr.
The106th The 7th Tokyo TDC Exhibition Mar.
The105th Book Design in Japan 1946-95 Exhibition Feb.
The104th Bruno Munari Exhibition Jan.


The103rd Kenya Hara Exhibition Dec.
Special Exhibition The Toshiko Tsuchihashi, Sachiko Nakamura, Meg Hosoki Exhibition Dec.
The102nd Yusaku Kamekura Exhibition Nov.
The101st Koga Hirano Exhibition Oct.
Special Exhibition The Kyushu Nine Designers Exhibition Oct.
The100th Graphic Goods Exhibition Aug.,Sep.
The99th '94 Tokyo ADC Exhibition Jul.
The98th Dutch Graphic Design A Century Exhibition Jun.
The97th Kazumasa Nagai Exhibition May
The96th Toshihiro Katayama Exhibition Apr.
The95th Takahisa Kamijo Exhibition Mar.
The94th The 6th Tokyo TDC Exhibition Feb.
The93rd Kiyoshi Awazu Exhibition Jan.


The92nd Pop-up Greetings Exhibition Dec.
The91st Saul Bass Exhibition Nov.
The90th Yosuke Kawamura, Nobuhiko Yabuki, Teruhiko Yumura, Mizumaru Anzai Exhibition Oct.
The89th Mitsuo Katsui Exhibition Sep.
The88th Eight Designers in Today's Hong Kong Aug.
The87th Imagination of Letters Exhibition Jul.
The86th Hideo Mukai Exhibition Jun.
The85th U.G. Sato Exhibition May
The84th The 5th Tokyo TDC Exhibition Apr.
The83rd '92 Tokyo ADC Exhibition Mar.
The82nd Koichi Inakoshi Exhibition Feb.
The81st Ryohei Kojima Exhibition Jan.


The80th Furoshiki Exhibition Dec.
The79th Paul Rand Exhibition Nov.
The78th Tadahito Nadamoto, Akira Uno, Makoto Wada, Harumi Yamaguchi Exhibition Oct.
The77th Kaoru Kasai Exhibition Sep.
The76th Rick Valicenti Exhibition Aug.
The75th Makoto Nakamura Exhibition Jul.
The74th Takashi Kanome Exhibition Jun.
The73rd Seymour Chwast Exhibition May
The72nd Henryk Tomaszewski Exhibition Apr.
The71st The 4th Tokyo TDC Exhibition Mar.
The70th Hajime Tachibana Exhibition Feb.
The69th Ivan Chermayeff Exhibition Jan.


The68th '91 Tokyo ADC Exhibition Dec.
The67th Trans-Art '91 Exhibition Oct.,Nov.
The66th Art Works Exhibition VI Aug.
The65th Nobuo Nakagaki Design Office Exhibition Jul.
The64th Communication & Print Exhibition Jun.
The63rd Sonoko Arai Exhibition May
The62nd Yasuhiro Sawada Exhibition Apr.
The61st Per Arnoldi Exhibition Mar.
The60th Tetsuya Ota Exhibition Feb.
The59th Zenji Funabashi Exhibition Jan.


The58th Yasuhiro Yomogida Exhibition Dec.
The57th Katsuya Ise Exhibition Nov.
The56th Katsumi Asaba Exhibition Oct.
The55th Keiichi Tahara Exhibition Sep.
The54th Art Works Exhibition V Aug
The53rd Takayuki Terakado Exhibition Jul.
The52nd Keizo Matsui Exhibition Jun.
The51st Ryuichi Yamashiro Exhibition May
The50th Ikko Tanaka Exhibition Apr.
The49th Tsunao Harada Exhibition Mar.
The48th Nobuyoshi Kikuchi Exhibition Feb.
The47th Shigeru Akizuki Exhibition Jan.


The46th Etsushi Kiyohara Exhibition Dec.
The45th Charles Anderson Exhibition Nov.
The44th Europalia '89 Japan 12 Artists' Original Poster Exhibition Oct.
The43rd Kazumasa Nagai Exhibition Sep.
The42nd Art Works Exhibition IV Aug.
The41st Shinichiro Wakao Exhibition Jul.
The40th Kazumi Kurigami Exhibition Jun.
The39th Otl Aicher Exhibition May
The38th Noriyuki Tanaka Exhibition Apr.
The37th Texture Exhibition Mar.
The36th Kijuro Yahagi Exhibition Feb.
The35th Shopping Bag Design Exhibition Jan.


The34th Stasys Eidrigevicius Exhibition Dec.
The33rd Masayoshi Nakajo Exhibition Nov.
The32nd Yoshio Hayakawa Exhibition Oct.
The31st Information Posters Recruit Exhibition Sep.
The30th Art Works Exhibition III Aug.
The29th '88 Tokyo ADC Exhibition Jul.
The28th Issey Miyake Poster Exhibition Jun.
The27th AGI '88 Tokyo Exhibition May
The26th Katsu Yoshida Exhibition Apr.
The25th Ginza Hyakuten Original Pictures for Cover Exhibition Mar.
The24th Hiroki Taniguchi Exhibition Feb.
The23rd Katsu Kimura Exhibition Jan.


The22nd Milton Glaser Exhibition Dec.
The21st Holger Matthies Exhibition Nov.
The20th Masuteru Aoba Exhibition Oct.
The19th Takenobu Igarashi Exhibition Sep.
The18th Art Works Exhibition II Aug.
The17th '87 Tokyo ADC Exhibition Jul.
The16th Lou Dorfsman and CBS's Creative Works Exhibition Jun.
The15th Mizumaru Anzai Exhibition May
The14th Shin Matsunaga Exhibition Apr.
The13rd Masaki Fujihata Exhibition Mar.
The12nd Flower Expo + Expo Logo Exhibition Feb.
The11st Shuhei Tsuji Iroha Exhibition Jan.


The10th K2 Live! Exhibition Dec.
The9th Herbert Bayer Exhibition Nov.
The8th Kiyoshi Awazu Exhibition Oct.
The7th Koichi Sato Exhibition Sep.
The6th Art Works Exhibition I Aug.
The5th '86 Tokyo ADC Exhibition Jul.
The4th Iku Akiyama Exhibition Jun.
The3rd Yukimasa Okumura Exhibition May
The2nd Shigeo Fukuda Exhibition Apr.
The1st Tadashi Ohashi Exhibition Mar.
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