Application privacy policy

Application privacy policy

Party Print

This application privacy policy (hereinafter, this privacy policy) specifies the handling of user information in the smartphone photo image Wi-Fi transfer application, PartyPrint (hereinafter, this application) provided by Dai Nippon Printing Co., Ltd. (hereinafter, the Company).

Article 1 – Definitions

  1. “User” refers to all people who use this application and smartphones with this application installed.
  2. “PartyPrint system” refers to a system which prints photo images transferred from smartphones and consists of a personal computer on which dedicated software provided by the Company is installed, a Wi-Fi router, and a printer of the Company’s product.
  3. “Reception terminal” refers to a personal computer on which dedicated software provided by the Company is installed in the PartyPrint system.
  4. “Operator” refers to an organization that introduces and operates the PartyPrint system.

Article 2 – Items, Purpose of Use, Acquisition Method, External Transmission, and Provision to Third Parties concerning Obtained Information

  1. This application is used to obtain photo images from a smartphone specified through operation of this application by the user and transfer them via Wi-Fi to the reception terminal connected to a network specified in the Wi-Fi configuration.
  2. This application does not include any built-in module for collecting information.
  3. For the handling of photo images transferred to the reception terminal, contact your operator.

Article 3 – Consent

  • Be sure to use this application only after reading and understanding this privacy policy.
  • This application requires the consent of the user to this privacy policy when it is run for the first time.
  • Without such consent, this application cannot be used.
  • This privacy policy can also be viewed from the “Help” menu of this application.

Article 4 – Service Termination and Subsequent Information Handling

  • When the user deletes (uninstalls) this application, it shall be regarded that use of this application has been terminated.

Article 5 – Link to Company Privacy Policy

Article 6 – Contact

Article 7 – Alteration

  • This privacy policy may be revised. If any alteration arises in important matters including the purpose of use and provision to third parties, new consent shall be required.

Established April 1, 2015 /updated July 24th, 2018