Thermal Dye Transfer

We provide total photo products and services including ink ribbon
and receiver paper for photo printing.

Thermal Dye Transfer

Thermal Dye Transfer System

Thermal dye transfer system uses its own dedicated ink ribbon and receiver paper for photo printing.
The ink ribbon is coated with three basic color dye ink (yellow, magenta & cyan) on a thin polyester film.
Along with this ink ribbon, another dedicated resin-coated receiver paper is needed for fixing the transferred dye.
Thermal dye transfer system forms the image by transferring the dye ink (yellow, magenta & cyan) on to the paper in proportion to the heat volume released from the print head.

Thermal Dye Transfer System Thermal Dye Transfer System

Development, design, and products

Development, design, and productsDevelopment, design, and products

DNP's thermal dye transfer media can produce similar print quality as current silver halide prints. Its demand is rising in photo print, sticker print, ID card, and medical print becuase of its usability and low initial cost. We have expanded from not only thermal dye transfer media supplys but to "Imaging market" relating to everything in image shooting, editing and printing. We run DNP branded media, printer, software, net print, data editing and data sales business. These products and services are used and trusted through out the world with its firm technology, quality, answering to global demand, steady production, supply chain.

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Thermal dye transfer media

We deliver media ideal for various uses such as photo print, sticker print, ID card, medical prints


DNP's thermal dye transfer photo printer is high quality, fast, durable and compact. I is suitable of all sorts of photographic print. Also, it is designed for front access, therefore it is ideal for fixing into print system.

Print system

DNP's Thermal dye transfer photo print system is an alternative to current silver halide prints. Other than that, we design and develop systems that cover shooting to printing in ID photo and tourist memorial photo business.

Application Software

We design and develop application softwares that connects to creation of new photo print culture.

Smart phone apps

We deliver smart phone apps to enjoy printing images saved on smartphones easily.

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