Thermal Mass Transfer

We supply high quality and high value added ribbons used for barcodes and
date printing on logistics and food packagings.

Thermal Mass Transfer

Thermal Mass Transfer System

Thermal mass transfer film is coated on a thin film with wax ink evenly. The coated film is used for barcode printing. The wax ink is mixed with carbon & color pigments and coated several micron thickness on to a three to six micron thickness film. When heat is transferred via thermal print head on to the film, the heated area alone melts and the ink is transferred to the paper

Thermal Mass Transfer System Thermal Mass Transfer System



DNP offers various high quality monochrome thermal transfer ribbons with an extreme durability against solvents, abrasions and heat.
In addition, DNP develops and manufactures high value added special ribbons like monochrome color, gold, silver and hologram.
Thermal Transfer ribbons are not only used for distribution but also expanded for more sophisticated usage to special ability for date print on food packages , decoration usage for bottle labels and ID cards.

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The main component of WAX ribbons are wax. Our wax ribbons offer precise printing on rough low cost labels because of wax specification achieving high speed (12 IPS) and low energy.
All of our wax ribbons are formulated with DNP's exclusive backcoating technology and standard anti-static properties for easy handling and superior printhead protection.
Especially, TR4085plus® is highly reputated as exceptional "premium wax" in our industry.


The main components of WAX / RESIN ribbons are wax and thermoplastic resin.
Its excellent WAX-like print quality and RESIN-like durability enables to print on a various media like paper to plastic film.
With high speed print and high durability, they are used as universal ribbons on wide range of applications. DNP offers various types of color ribbons.
DNP's highly stable products are high trusted and has large market share in date printing for food packages where strict quality is demanded.


The main components of RESIN ribbons are thermoplastic resin. In our industry, we are renown for "RESIN equal DNP" and obtains very high trust from our customer due to our products' extreme durability against solvents and abrasions printable on a variety of applications. They are commonly used for plastic film label print.
Especially, R300 series is one of the most famous resin ribbon in the industry with its high quality and simple handling.

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