DNP's Thermal Transfer Ribbon Technology

We supply high quality and high value added ribbons used for logistics barcodes and
date printing on food packaging.

Ink ribbon technology

Thermal Mass Transfer System

Thermal transfer ribbon consists of a ultra-thin polyester film and layers of evenly coated wax ink. Wax ink is mixed with carbon or color pigments, then coated with several micron thickness onto a three to six micron polyester film. When heat is given to the film by thermal printhead, ink on the heated area is melt and transferred to the substrate and form barcode or texts.

Thermal Transfer Printer Mechanism

DNP exclusive technology

Anti-static property

DNP ribbons are designed to prevent static generation inside the printer, which greatly reduces risk of damage to printhead and printer mechanism. Another advantage of this feature is easy handling for operators.

High performance back coat

With DNP's exclusive ink technology and coating technology, our back coat gives printhead protection and high performance that is built-up free and flaking free. You can minimize damage to your printer using DNP ribbon.


Ink Ribbon Application Barcode Ink Ribbon Application Food Packaging Ink Ribbon Application Label, Card

DNP offers various high quality monochrome thermal transfer ribbons with an extreme durability against solvents, abrasions and heat.
In addition, DNP develops and manufactures high value added special ribbons like monochrome color, gold, silver and hologram.
Thermal Transfer Ribbons are not only used for barcodes, but also expanding to broader application. Some of the examples are date print on food packages, bottle decoration labels and ID cards.

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