CX-330 Concept


CX-330 is a network & security enhanced version of CX-320.

CX-320 + Network + Security + More = CX-330

Since its launch in early 2006, CX-320 has been enjoying very strong supports from partners and users around the world. DNP is very pleased to respond to this by offering further improved product to our partners.

CX-330 comes up with many sophisticated new features which go beyond existing industry standard to catch up with ever increasing demand from today’s sophisticated network infrastructure.

Ethernet 100Base-TX

DNP Product / CX-330 Retransfer Card Printer Network Feature - Dual Interface

Since CX-330 has printer server inside, no device server is needed.
Multiple operators share one printer.
It is possible to choose any printer in the network to print.
*Status Monitor Program (SMP) allows you to change each printer’s setting from your computer.


DNP Product / CX-330 Retransfer Card Printer IPSec Protocol

IPSec Protocol equipped(IPv4)
A hardware to encrypt/decrypt print data sent through network is equipped inside CX-330.
(Security Architecture for Internet Protocol)
No Data Encryption
High Speed Data Encryption/Decryption

Security Erase

Protection against Personal Information Leak
Personal information (print data) left on the used ink ribbon can be erased using this function.
This operation is done by driver and printer. So it is not necessary to modify your software.
K Security Erase works With YMCK ribbon.
Information left on the K panel of used ink ribbon.
After Security Erase operation

Dye Diffusion UV Printing

Invisible & Photographic Security UV printing
Current UV Ink 2 step graduation
Dye Diffusion UV Ink 256 step graduation
Dye Diffusion UV Ink Ribbon
*Dye diffusion UV printing function and Ink ribbon focus on specific high security ID project.
The UV ink ribbon is made to order product.

Superior Dither K Printing

Dither Print Conversion:
It is possible to convert color data into monochrome data by the printer driver.
Superior reproduction at middle range tone.
Special data conversion method was taken to achieve the best possible dither printing by K resin ink panel.

Dual Laminate Option

[CF-AT10 Flip Unit]
Special unit connected with CL-500D to do dual side lamination.
Minimum hardware cost Alternate patch available for project.
Different type of laminate media for front & back.

Lamination Media line Up
*1.0/0.6 mil patch
*1.0/0.6 mil patch with chip cutout
*Generic Holographic Overlay
*Custom made hologram 
*Custom alternate patch
It is possible to calibrate laminate setting for each laminator configured differently in network.
This function is provided by the printer driver through Status Monitor Program.