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Laminate Media

Laminate Media
  • RoHS Compliant

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For CL-600, we are offering mainly two types of media: patch film and overlay foil.

1.0/0.6 mil patch film is the best solution to give all-round durability against abrasion, water & humidity, and UV light that may damage and deteriorate the printed image.
By adding an arbitrary hologram on a patch by customization, it is possible to make completely unique and secure card in terms of anti-counterfeit as well as physical protection.

Overlay foil has almost same durability against water & humidity and UV light as patch.
Little durability against abrasion, but it is possible to transfer the hologram on the whole area of card unlike patch film(2mm space around) and best suited for card decoration.
DNP has one generic hologram design for overlay, and surely possible to make your own hologram design for it.

Laminate Media Lineup

Product name Product no. Number of images
Clear full area 1.0 mil patch CY-R10FC-60 600 images/roll
Clear full area 0.6 mil patch CY-R06FC-60 600 images/roll
Clear smart card cut 1.0 mil patch CY-R10SC-60 600 images/roll
Clear smart card cut 0.6 mil patch CY-R06SC-60 600 images/roll
DNP Generic hologram overlay foil CY-R00RD-100 1,000 images/roll

*Custom design hologram patch/overlay is available.

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