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Embossed Hologram

Overt Features(Visual Authentication)

The two most important aspects of any anti-counterfeiting technology are quick and easy authentication by ordinary users and wide public recognition. Such technology requires design elements offering visually easy-to-understand features.
Gradation Image Switching 3D Imaging Coloring

Embossed Hologram (Gradation Image)

Embossed Hologram (Switching 3D Imaging)

Embossed Hologram (Coloring)

Covert Features(Hidden Information)

For applications that demand higher security at advanced levels, it is necessary to adopt non-publicized techniques that are known only by limited persons and to use specific equipment for authentication.

Embossed Hologram (Microscopic text)

Microscopic text

Embossed Hologram (Laser-viewable Hologram)

Laser-Viewable Hologram



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