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Lippmann Hologram

Lippmann Hologram(3DModel)

Lippmann Hologram(3DModel Animation)


Product Summary

This product is a completely different type of hologram in terms of production method and appearance from the conventional embossed holograms that are already enjoying widespread application(shiny silver or transparent holograms).

Superior Anti-Counterfeiting Effect
Lippmann holograms require advanced replication technology to produce, and we are one of only a handful of companies worldwide capable of mass-producing them. Furthermore, since this product uses special dedicated materials and its distribution is strictly controlled, it is extremely difficult to produce forgeries.
Allows Easy and Reliable Visual Judgment of Authenticity
The Lippmann hologram is capable of reproducing both vertical and horizontal 3D views. Thus, in addition to its superior printing technology, the reproduced images have depths that are impossible to achieve with conventional embossed holograms. This product permits reliable authenticity judgments instantly upon visual inspection.


Outstanding 3D Image
Designs using 3D models can be viewed from any angle to obtain the 3D view by tilting the holograms left and right or back and forth.
Enables Switching of Images and Animations
By combining multiple images(normally 2-3 images), it is possible to switch between different images or produce an animated effect with the images.


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