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Terms of Hologram

Hologram Mastering
To make the original plate used in the mass production of holograms. Examples of techniques used to create this plate include laser exposure, electron beam (EB) lithography, etc.
Electron Beam (EB) Lithography
A method of making original plates in which the pattern of the embossed hologram is etched directly onto the plate using an electron beam.
Diffraction Grating
A design technique in which special visual effects are reproduced by utilizing the diffraction phenomenon of light by inscribing fine grooves on the substrate.
2D / 3D
A design technique in which flat images are reconstructed in layers and placed behind one another to give depth to a holographic image.
Acronym for Computer Generated Hologram. This is a technique in which original plates are made using digital images generated by computers.
Laser-Viewable Covert Image
A technique for security holograms in which concealed patterns (such as letters and images) appear when the hologram is irradiated with laser light having a specific wavelength.
Micro-Text, Nano-Text
A technique for security holograms in which microscopic letters are concealed inside the hologram design and are only readable via magnification using magnifying glasses or microscopes.
Reflective Layer (Metallization Layer)
A metallization layer is applied to the patterned surface of the embossed hologram, to give it a protective coating as well as to enhance its appearance.
A technique for security holograms in which the reflective layer (metallization layer) on the embossed hologram is partially removed to produce letters or patterns.
Tamper-Evident Processing(Label)
An essential technique for preventing reuse of the security hologram label. The label cannot be removed without damage.
Transfer Foil
A technique for security holograms in which enables a holographic image to be applied onto the substrate via heat and pressure. Unlike holographic labels, it has nearly no thickness and is difficult to detach.


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