The Network Museum & Magazine Project

The Media Conference of Museum has been involved in the study of how a museum can function in the media environment which is experiencing drastic changes.
In participating in the Internet World Exposition, we newly organized a project team, and decided to mark the starting point by reconsidering the basic potential of network communication, including the Internet.
While establishing a network museum on the Internet, we will simultaneously publish a network magazine which attempts to recapture various cultural aspects using art as the medium.

The new network museum that we propose is something definitely different from what is called the "virtual museum". While letting the network itself function as a museum, it connects the two worlds of reality and imagination not being limited to the virtual world, and also develops exhibitions as it creates links with museums and various art sites of the world. This new museum will be holding a commemorative exhibition for its opening on December 24th.

Also, the network magazine will not remain in the realm of a mere "Internetization" of a magazine, but will be having various experiments possible only on the network. The magazine will be a "self-reproducing, organic magazine" pursuing a consistent theme for the year in conjunction with the exhibitions of the network museum. It will surpass the range of a simple bulletin or PR magazine for a museum, aiming to become a medium that serves as a liaison which helps create a network among the "art nomads" of the world.

As indicated, this is an experimental project truly appropriate for the Internet Expo. Because of that, the success of this project depends on whether we will achieve active network communication with a large group of people and whether we will receive voluntary cooperation and aid from the art museum curators, critics, and art lovers from both Japan and the rest of the world. Through communication and exchange with numerous individuals, we sincerely hope that this attempt will become a process of reconfirmation of the potential of the network and art.


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