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As people evolved from apes to human beings, we have been gaining languages and tools, and the concept of distance. Using these as catalysts, we have separated ourselves from nature, moved, memorized, dreamed of the future, created cultures, created cities, created states, crossed borders, traveled to the moon...

The history of technology development by man was also the history of the change in the perspective system.

Today, we are about to welcome the 21st century. We are now facing a major change in languages and tools, and the concept of distance, due to the media technology represented by the Internet. What kind of changes are brought about by such media technology? As a part of this verification study, under the title, "A Measure for the Internet (The Perspective System on the Internet)", we are proposing to place various devices and systems for measuring distance on the Internet (i.e. placing a "measure"), thus measuring the changes in the perspective system amongst people and the Internet.

Measure for Internet Measure for Internet


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