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"Studio Shokudo" is a collaborative studio based in a remodeled remains of a dining room in an abandoned factory in Tachikawa. (Now, it is moved to Hino.) It is also the name of a loosely connected movement group of 9 young artists who use that studio for their artwork production.

Members of Studio Shokudo

  1. Isao SATO
  2. Yuriko MATSUSHITA
  3. Izuru KASAHARA
  4. Daisuke NAKAYAMA
  5. Yukiko ONOUE
  6. Keiichi BANDOH
  7. Takahiro FUJIWARA
  8. Tetsuya NAKAMURA
  9. Yoshihiro SUDA
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Urgent Issue of Studio Shokudo (Art Information - Sep. 17, 1996)

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