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I do not intend to concentrate merely on creating realisitically. I am interestesd in things that are created by and messed with the hand - so much so that the work becomes dirty from too much handling. The reason why I am attracted to things created by people, is probably because I am human. However, it is impossible to see only the things that are created in such a way. When one sees something, there is no way he can eliminate the space surrounding it. Then, I must consider the work to be more important than the space.

Gallery K 1996
Tokyo Installation 3
Gallery K, Tokyo
paint on wood

Gallery K 1996
Tokyo Installation 3
Gallery K, Tokyo
paint on wood

Making something that does not exist exist in a certain place, and making a time exist only in a certain situation.

That "thing" for me now, is a plant sculpted from wood. (Although this may sound a bit sentimental) a plant can only live by adapting itself to the environment when its seed is first planted in the ground somewhere. If the seed is dropped in myself, then it must acclimatize to the environment which is me. It just so happened that I was a person who sculpted wood. Therefore, within myself, the plant forms itself into a state that is sculpted wood.

Gallery 360 Gallery 360 Gallery 360
Tokyo Installation 2 2/3
Gallery 360, Tokyo
paint on wood

Gallery K Gallery K Gallery K
Tokyo Installation 2
Gallery K, Tokyo
paint on wood

Ginza Daiwa Parking Ginza Daiwa Parking
Ginza Daiwa Parking 1994
Tokyo Installation
Ginza Daiwa Parking, Tokyo
tin, pure gold, iron, Japanese-paper,
paint on wood
Ginza Daiwa Parking

Future activities
Participation in Kami-Ohoka Art Project
Period March, 1997
Solo Exhibition
Title RAUM98
Period March 1(Sat) - March 31(Mon), 1997
Location WHON MASCHINE(Berlin)
Period June, 1997
Location Gallery Koyanagi(Tokyo)
Group Exhibition
Period January 9(Thr) - February 9(Sun), 1997
Location D'AMELIO TERRAS (New York)

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