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Three Movements in Denmark

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Monkey Business Class
August 10 - 18, 1996
Malmö Music Theater, Malmö Sweden

September 21 - 28, 1996
Albertslund (near Copenhagen), Denmark
For further information, contact:
Hotel Pro Forma
Tel: 45-31-54-02-17
Fax: 45-32-96-96-86
Monkey Business Class

Monkey Business Class Monkey Business Class

Monkey Business Class Monkey Business Class

Monkey Business Class

"Monkey Business Class"
Song and dance performance by Danish, Japanese, and American people.
Hotel Pro Forma 1996
Photos: Roberto Fortuna

"Renraku-sen no uta" by Hisao Ohtaka/ Yoshiji Nagatsu
from "Monkey Business Class" CD
(extract about 30 minutes)



May 15 - September 8, 1996
Louisiana Museum of Modern Art
GL. Strandvej 13, DK-3050 Humlebaek
Tel: 45-49-19-07-19
Fax: 45-49-19-35-05
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Panel Meeting

August 28-31, 1996
The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts
Exhibition "ART MEETS"
July 19-September 1, 1996
Charlottenborg Art Museum
Copenhagen Nyhavn 2, 1051
Tel: 45-33-13-40-22
AmSSE Copenhagen 96
For details contact :
Tel: 45-32-96-18-53
fax: 45-32-96-18-86

Louisiana Museum of Modern Art

Three Movements in Denmark


Every year in Europe, a city is chosen to become the "Cultural capital of Europe" wh ere exhibitions, theatrical performances and concerts are held during the summer. This year it is Copenhagen. Here are three events that are running.

1) Performance: "Monkey Business Class"

This performance is a collaboration between dumb type, an artist group bas ed in Kyoto performing on a worldwide basis, Hotel Pro Forma, a performance group from Copenhagen, and Diller and Scofidio, architects from New York. The event crosses nationality and culture, and has been underway since two years ago.

According to a member of dumb type, Tohru Oyamada, the idea behind the performance is to surface the differences in economic distribution, communication, and physical perception by looking through "colored spectacles" that are worn from different viewpoints. For dumb type, the "Monkey Business Class", which is a collaboration with other groups, is their first performance since the sudden death of its core member, Teiji Furuhashi, making it all the more an important milestone for their future development.

2) Exhibition <<NOWHERE>>

The Louisiana Museum of Modern Art, which offers a great view of the ocean from its location, is currently holding a large scale presentation of international contemporary art titled, "NOWHERE" (last year this museum held the "Japan Today" exhibition which is now touring around Northern Europe). Free-lance curators from the U.K., Germany, and the U.S., along with Louisiana curators focused on their individual themes and organised an exhibition of a surprising total of 180 artists, ranging from Joseph Beuys to Yurie Nagashima. Among the curators were Ute Meta Bauer, Iwona Blazwick, Laura Cottingham, Bruce Ferguson, and Anneli Fuchs & Lars Grambye.

Cottingham chose many Japanese artists including Yayoi Kusama, Kaoru Hirabayashi, Emiko Kasahara, and Nagashima. Ferguson selected artists such as Vito Acconci, Mona Hatoum, Gary Hill, and Bruce Nauman. In addition to this group, he also chose Mission Invisible, an "anonymous" group consisting of Tomoaki Ishihara and Chie Matsui, formed specially for the "ARTLAB2" Exhibition. Being involved in the project as a curator in the past, it is delightful to see the works being reproduced and re-exhibited four years later.

3)"Art Meets Science and Spirituality in a Changing Economy (AmSSE)"

Louwrien Wijers, an art critic from Amsterdam, is famous for arranging the meeting between Andy Warhol, Beuys, and the Dalai Lama for an open dialogue. Following the Amsterdam project in 1990, she will host a panel and exhibition gathering experts from the world of art, science, spiritual (religion), and economics for a discussion about the future vision of a new world.

There will be 20 participants in total including John Chamberlain, Lawrence Weiner, Marina Abramovic (Art), Ilya Prigogine, Francisco Varela, Mary Catherine Bateson (Science), Huston Smith, Mother Tessa Bielecki, Sogyal Rinpoche (Spiritual), Stanislav Menshikov, Richard Day (Economy), etc. (A live performance by Toshinori Kondo is also scheduled).

As for the exhibition, in addition to the special exhibits by Beuys, John Cage, Robert Fillou, works by panel artists and Henning Christiansen, OCEAN EARTH, and Shuzo Azuchi Gulliver will be displayed.

[Yukiko SHIKATA/Art Critic]

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