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A Rush of Events at Graz - "REMIX"

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<Inclusion: Exclusion>
September 11-October 26, 1996
at Reininghaus and Kunstlerhaus
"Post-colonialism and Global Migration"
September 28-29, 1996

Film Festival
<Ici et Ailleurs/Hier und Anderswo>

September 28-October 10, 1996
Schubertkino+KIZ - Kino im Augarten

Live event
<Advanced Reality>

September 20-27, 1996
at theThalia Dance Hall


steirischer herbst

steirischer herbst 96


Kendell Geers
Olu Oguibe's Guest of the Month

Gary Simmons - Reference Page

Fred Wilson - Reference Page

Fredroc Jameson: A Bibliography

Globalization and Its Impact on Cities by Saskia Sassen

A Rush of Events at Graz


In Graz, Austria, under the title of "steirischer herbst", various events will be held during the period of September 21 to October 26. Within various categories, such as "theater/music theater", "music", "fine art", "interdisciplinary project/event", and "theory", there are several events prepared, and among them, the title "REMIX" captures our attention.

In "REMIX", under the direction of Christine Frisinghelli, the artistic director, exhibition and event sites focused on post-colonialism, i.e. globalization of information and economy and the mixture of races and culture, are organized.

Exhibition <Inclusion: Exclusion>

This is an exhibition organized in the age of "Post-colonialism and Global Migration", curated by Peter Weibel, the ex-director of both the New Media Institute, Frankfurt (Institut fuer Neue Medien, Frankfurt) and Ars Electronica, Linz. He broke off from these organizations and currently is the director of the Art Museum in Graz.

Although he shifted to the position from new media to that geared towards contemporary art, for Weibel who had been practicing the "Aktion Kunst" in Wien ("Action Art" in Vienna) in the changing age of the '60's, his change of line from media theory to post-colonialism is a natural development.

The participating artists are, Maria Thereza Alves, Rui Chafes, Hugo Debaere, Kendell Geers, Gary Simmons, Fred Wilson, Romuald Hazoum, Yongping Huang, Joachim Schuefeldt, Teresa Serrano, and others.

These may not be familiar names except the Chinese artist based in Paris, Yongping Huang, but most of them are immigrants, and can also be described as "aliens/others" to the Western tradition.

Symposium, "Post-colonialism and Global Migration"

In this symposium, together with Frisinghelli, Peter Weibel, and Slavoj Zizek who is known as the world's vanguard for applying the Lacan Theory to the contemporary mass culture, were involved in the planning. Here, the global "REMIX" of race and culture brought about by the migration happening in the age after colonialism, which was prevalent in the 19th and 20th centuries, will be multilaterally discussed.

The panelists are Homi K. Bhabha, Fredric Jameson, Ernesto Laclau, Chantal Mouffe, Renata Salecl, Saskia Sassen, Ivo Zanic, and Zizek.

Except Salecl from Ljubljana and Zanic from Croatia, all teach in the United States, but many of them originate from countries other than the U.S.A..

Film Festival <Ici et Ailleurs/Hier und Anderswo>

This is a film festival, its title meaning "Here, and in another place". It is curated by Catherine David from France, who will be the commissioner for Documenta 10, Kassel held next year.

As a Jewish French living in Paris, the city whose culture has been fermented by immigrants and defectors, and as the prelude to Documenta in the age of world globalization, her viewpoint will be challenged in this festival.

Besides the above mentioned, events such as the hardcore reggae live event, <Advanced Reality> will be held.

[Yukiko SHIKATA/Art Critic]

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