Automotive Solutions

DNP aims to contribute to the creation new values that can resolve issues toward realizing a next- Generation automotive society.

Three points

  • Realizing Sustainable Society

  • Creation of Comfortable Spaces

  • Design & Implementation

The keyword for the next-generation automotive society is “CASE”; Connected, Autonomous, Shared, Electricity. The DNP Group uses P&I Innovations to help develop the advancements by “CASE”. These will help realize reducing environmental impacts and transforming the car interior into a space for a diverse array of activities.

  • Point1Realizing Sustainable Society

    EV (Electric Vehicle) with Lithium ion-battery is anticipated to be one of solutions to worldʼs energy issues. We offer thin, lightweight pouches with long-term durability for Lithium ion-batteries. We also offer Wireless Power Transfer for EV.

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  • Point2Creation of Comfortable Spaces

    DNP provided plastic resin glass for railway cars and construction machinery.This curved resin glass is expected to improve the flexibility of the interior design of vehicles.

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  • Point3Design & Implementation

    DNP strives to provide an attractive design and information display that is easy for many people to understand.

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Main products and services

  • Decoration Film
  • Backlit Decoration Film
  • Dead Front Panel
  • Navigation Cover Panel
  • Hard Coat Transfer Film & PC Glazing
  • Wireless Power Transfer for Electric Vehicles
  • Battery Pouch Film for Li-Ion battery
  • Heat-Adhesive Film

We welcome detailed material requests and inquiries regarding the solutions introduced on this page.
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