Achieving thinner 5G smartphones with enhanced heat dissipation properties

Thin Vapor Chamber

The Thin Vapor Chamber is a heat dissipation component for 5G smartphones. At a thickness of just 0.25 mm, the Thin Vapor Chamber performs equal to or better than conventional products. The Thin Vapor Chamber allows additional space for increased battery capacity, while preventing overheating and reducing the thickness of smartphones.

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As the industry is shifting more towards 5G electronic devices, the need for processing power for large data and high-speed communication has been causing overheating issues.

In addition, the need for higher performance has led to an increase in the number of components. However, this causes power consumption to increase along with the necessary battery size.

Solutions for realizing the miniaturization of electronic devices while avoiding overheating calls for even thinner and more powerful parts.

The "Thin Vapor Chamber" developed by DNP has a higher thermal conductivity than graphite sheets and thinner than a heat pipe. It is considered to be the most suitable component for the thermal mangement of thin devices such as smartphones.

About Thin Vopor Chamber

1. Built-in hydraulic fluid (water) is heated to evaporate
2. The movement of the evaporated hydraulic fluid (steam) causes the heat to diffuse in the chamber
3. The diffused steam is cooled and liquified (condensed) again
4. The hydraulic fluid liquified due to capillarity returns to the heat source (Hereafter, repeat steps 1 to 4)

The vapor chamber has a hollow structure in which flat metal plates with an arranged flow path are bonded together. A liquid such as pure water is sealed inside.

By transporting the heat while the liquid repeatedly evaporates and condenses, it suppresses the rise of temperature and eliminates local hot spots.


High thermal conductivity
Gas-to-Liquid phase change allows for high heat conduction and thermal transport capability
Thin & lightweight
From 0.25mm thickness to 0.20mm
Applicable to curved surfaces and steps

Technical Detail

DNP has experience in "Precision Etching (metal corrosion processing) technlology" for semiconductors and precision parts.
We have developed parts that have the same heat dissipation performance as conventional products with a thickness of 0.25mm and are also developing products as thin as 0.20mm.

Use Scene

・ For eliminating local hot spots within 5G smartphones, notebook PCs, and tablet devices
・ Heat dissipation for devices such as wearables (VR, AR, MR terminals), drones, vehicles, etc.
・No power supply needed and maintenance-free component

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is a simulation possible?
Q: Can you provide samples?
Q: What is the lead time and cost for a prototype?

A: We would love to have a meeting to get details of your application and consider the possibilities.
Please feel free to contact us.

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