Dimming film that creates a private space

Light Control Film

The light control film is based on GHLC technology realized by DNP's converting technology and sheet processing technology. Electronically controlling the shading and transmission enables the film to protect privacy and have a seamless design.

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Light Control Film, Normally Dark, Normally Clear


working from home, working from car

For many companies, remote working has been introduced as the new normal. In recent years, instead of working from home, there has been a proposal for "working in your car" that utilizes the inside of a car as an office. However, one of the challenges of working in a parked car is worrying about your surroundings such as passing pedestrians. DNP's Light Control Film is a single electric switch solution to switch the interior of the car into a private space.


Guest-Host Liquid Crystal, GHLC,Pigment,Liquid Crystal,Electrode  film,Alignment  film,Shading,Transmission

Switchable film using GHLC method (GHLC:Guest-Host Liquid Crystal)

■ "Neutral black" creates a sleek aesthetic that allows a smooth transition to interior design
■ High-speed drive allows instant switching between "glare" and "transparent" (≤1sec.)
■ Color can be customized with pigmented dyes
■The film based system allows for high flexibility, shape forming, and can follow curved surfaces.
■ Low voltage requirements contributes to "energy savings" that affects the cruising range of EV vehicles (≤30V)
■High transparency realizes a glass-like appearance
■ Divided drive in the film improves design

Neutral Black, Drive speed,Haze, Total transparent,glare,Color,

Detail Movie

What is Neutral Black?

Neutral Black, Chromatically in dark state

Other technologies such as EC and SPD have a green or blue hue.
GHLC technology can achieve "Neutral Black" that creates a sleek aesthetic and seamless design integration into a car.

About Divided Drive(Segmentation)

Divided drive(Segmentation) is a drive method that can individually control a specific area in the electron shade by patterning the transparent electrodes. You can recreate the same optical effect of opening and closing curtains and blinds by electrical control.

Use scene

Sunroof, Room mirror, Side window,Sidemirror,

Ideal for protecting privacy and seamless design
■ For in-vehicle use
・ Replace mechanical curtains for weight reduction and save space
・ Smart glass integration for sunroofs and windowpanes (added segmentation function)
・ As anti-glare functions for various applications such as side mirrors

■ Other than in-vehicle
・ For improving the contrast of transparent displays
・ For windows and doors for architectural market

Business Scheme

DNP, AKARI,LLC, Alpha Micron

In April 2017, DNP started collaboration with "Alpha Micron (AMI)",
which conducts R&D of high-technology Liquid Crystal applications, in the LC dimming film business. In August 2018, we established a joint venture "AKARI, LLC" as a sales window for dimming films that use guest-host LCs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q.What is your size capability? A.Current size is 480 mm x 720 mm.
We are planning to increase the size, so please let us know your request.
Q. How much curved surface can you handle? A. We have achieved R = 1,700 mm for our tests, but depending on the design and size it can vary. Please contact us to discuss further.
Q. Is it possible to use it after pasting? A. In order to avoid the risk of impact from the outside, we recommend using it with laminated glass.
Q. Is it possible to supply in reel form? A. The film will be supplied in sheet form.

Please feel free to contact us.

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