Improves blueness when looking at OLED from an angle

Blue Shift Control film

This is a film that can improve the color change (blue shift) that occurs when the OLED is viewed from an angle, by laminating it on the surface of the display.

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In recent years, the adoption of OLED (organic EL) panels have been expanding in smartphones, tablet terminals, personal computers and televisions. OLED panels have the advantage of high contrast and fast response speed, but they have the problem of changing color and becoming bluish when viewed from an angle.

DNP has developed a [Blue Shift Control Film] that does not become bluish even when the display terminal is viewed from all angles, utilizing the fine molding technology that has been built up over many years.


oled, blue, blue shift, film

■ Improved color change (blue shift) seen from an angle
■ No need for advanced structural adjustment
■ Suppresses degradation of image quality such as moire and bleeding
■ Supports a wide range of applications such as mobile, TV, and in-vehicle Technical details

Technical Detail


・ Smartphones and tablets
・ PC monitor
・ Organic EL TV
・ Digital signage (electronic signboard)
・ In-vehicle use (car navigation, rearview mirror, etc.)

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q:Is it possible to use it as the outer layer? A:It seems best to place it between the panel and the polarizing plate, so it is not suitable for post adhesion.

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