DNP Wireless Power Transfer for Electric Vehicles

DNP proposes a new concept of thinner light weight antenna units which can transmit power safely only a with smaller leakage of magnetic field.

Market Problems

Worry about impact on human body during high power transmission.
And coil antenna is too heavy.

DNP can offer a solution.

DNP offers a multi-layer structure coil antenna unit which does not need a heavy fragile ferrite block because of low magnetic flux density.

  • * Metal etching process
  • * 3D antenna design

Thinner and Light weight

Sectional Structure



Total Wight < 1 kg


Can transmit a power with low magnetic flux density.

(Simulation condition: 11.1kW transmission)

DNP Battery Pouch Film for Li-Ion battery

DNP pouch film is your solution for Li-Ion battery cells with high gravimetric energy density in automotive!

Market Problems

Need an alternative to the traditional can type cells which is light weight, flexible in shape and has long term durability while maintaining a high level of safety?

DNP can offer a solution.

In addition to light weight, flexibility, durability and safety DNP pouch film offers the following advantages:

  • - High water vapor barrier property / Seal strength for electrolyte
  • - High insulation property / High air leakage efficiency
  • - Hydrofluoric acid corrosion resistance / Formability / Heat-resisting sealing strength

Our D-EL408PH(3) film was specially developed for use in the automotive industry. Best used in combination with our tab sealing tape PPa-F(100) .

Pouch Film

Sealing Tape

Molded into

Pouch Cell

Combined into


Pouch cells are popular because it is thinner and lighter than can type cells.

DNP Heat-Adhesive Film

DNP Heat-Adhesive Film delivers excellent adhesion for different kinds of materials such as metal, plastic or glass.
DNP Heat-Adhesive film has good reputation in lithium-ion battery fields.

Market Problems

Want to bond metal to plastic easily.

DNP can offer a solution.

DNP Heat-Adhesive Film is a solution
which can bond metal to plastic by heat.

  • - Less protrusion of adhesive and less residual solvent(out-gas)
  • - Can customize a design for your requirements and uses
  • - Easy reattachment option(weak-adhesive type on one side) is available


Household Appliances / Automotive Field /Architecture Field

Examples of different materials adhesion

Heat-Adhesive Film