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DNP Develops Curved Resin Glass for Automobiles Light with superior transparence, weather and wear resistance
DNP to Launch Weather and Wear Resistant Resin Glass for Automobiles
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DNP Super Durability Hard Coat Transfer Film & PC Glazing

DNP developed the hard coat transfer film having excellent formability and durability.
DNP offers formable PC glazing using the hard coat transfer film.

Market Problems

  • ・Want to reduce the weight of automobiles.
  • ・Want to have curved surface which is difficult for the toughened glass.

DNP can offer a solution.

DNP offers mass-production glazing with formability and high quality in a big size. The PC glazing is made by transferring the hard coat layer during its extrusion process. The hard coat transfer films for injection compression molding are also under development.

Excellent formability

※ The super durability hard coat transfer film can improve formability up to 30mm radius compared to our existing product which has formability up to 80mm radius.

DNP Unique Technology

Structure of Hard Coat Transfer film

※ DNP newly designed EB curable hard coat layer is designed with a balance between formability and durability for PC glazing.

Excellent durability

Weather durability test*1 Abrasion resistance test*2
ΔE Photo ΔH% Photo
DNP-PC glazing 1.7 2~4
PC glazing with Wet HC 2.2 4~6
Raw PC plate 9.4 32~36

1:Super Xenon weather meter test(JIS K 7350-2:2008)Irradiance:180 W/m2 120min. Cycle BP Temp.: 65degC (102min. irradiation ⇒18min. Irradiation and rainfall)

2:Taber abrasion test(ASTM D 1044-08e1)CS-10F, 500gf×500 rotations , Haze